time for a cool change

Running last was week was a real pain. Half way through my runs I was even wonderingif it was still sane. It was just so hot.

Some like it hot, I like it…Not!

I did a morning run today. I started at 530ish and it was very cool. I did an hour and finished before the sun started beating down harshly.

Time for a game plan change. I usually run in the afternoon but I think el nino dictates a few changes.

Next hurdle…waking up early!


10 thoughts on “time for a cool change

  1. i have to start earlier talaga. But 3am? I’d need to more than 3cups of coffee to keep me awake. 4:30 is doable. Just too happy not to be training for a goal race right now.

  2. kass-yey! 2 weeks to go. Opps did I just freak you out. Hehe.

    Time to live the dream. Or should i say run the dream. Get plenty of zzzzs starting this week pa lang.

  3. hi…was lsd running with ricky and other happy feeters yesterday when we (i was told it was you) crossed paths at mckinley…finished around 830 and it was already hot to say it mildly…so i would advise an earlier run finish…cheers

    1. 🙂 ey! were you the one with ricky going back up Lawton from MKH? Ed, right? 8:30?!? wow, good job! I felt like I was an inihaw already by 630.

  4. BARDS thanks so much for the advise.. I have gatorade and water (i feel like I’m going to finish the entire stock of water at the pantry) Im nervous, oh yes I am. Here’s to the marathon! I will be a snail penguin of the road but what the hey, its the experience and meeting the finish line.

    Will you be there? Ive yet to hug you and tell give you my gratitude for training me (well for the first few days) for my preparation to a 5k last year (even if I was bull headed Haha)

    09153162252 text me

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