Men’sHealth All Terrain Race Test Run : Off Road Again

I laughed like crazy when I received the invitation to the Men’sHealth All Terrain Race Dry Run. I was at Km35 of the TNF50, I hasn’t even sure if I could survive the race I was in and I was getting invited to do another trail run.

After one week rest, it proved to be a boon. I needed to run off road again.

At 4:15am last Saturday, Taki, VimzArt, Vener and I were on our way to Nuvali with MH team.

The 6K race route we tested is perfect runners who would like to try running off road. No crazy uphills or downhills but running off road on a rolling trail is a pleasant change. The route will take you through agri land with talahib on both sides. If you want a little more excitement, pray for rain! This will get muddy and squisy. According to the organisers, the 10K route will have a river crossing. the 6K route can be ran using our road shoes but for the 10K, I would recommend trail shoes. There is also a 16K race and finishers will get to bring home finisher’s medal.

Georgia, Peejo, James and I trying out the 6K race route

If you are interested in joining the race, you have to register now. They are limiting the number of participants to 500 runners and 500 bikers. Click here for complete race details.

MH is also celebrating their 5th anniversary so there will be FREE food for participants after the race. And if you are not yet full from the freebie food, Solenad is just a few steps away.

See you at Nuvali!

If you have time, please tune in to Nu107 today at 730ish am. Peejo, Georgia and I will be there to talk about the race.


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