last tales from the trail

3 cuckoo flew over the hump. After almost a week, the 5peso-coin-sized scrape on my right knee is finally dry. I spent probably 17 out 19 hours on trail and went home with badly scraped knee because I flew over a hump somewhere near Loakan airport during the first 2 hours of the race. The funny thing is I was not the only one. I know of at least 2 people 😀 who did the exact same thing. Hmm. Maybe the sight of the runway inspired us.

the Mayor and the residents of Baguio and Benguet. Local government support is key to a successful race. The mayor of Baguio was at the briefing before the race. He recited a poem about beautiful Baguio and made all participants feel very welcome. Thank you so much for opening your city to us. Some residents even opened their homes to us.

some even opened their lunch bags. While some of us are munching on our nature valley trail mix, sucking on Gu or eating cold lunches we had transported up, a couple of friends got lucky. Lester and Charlie got camote bread and liempo from a group of mountain bikers. I’m still wondering if there was really halo-halo near the radar or if the marshal was just kidding me?

he hates heights. she hates heights. they forgot to tell me. one of the most technical part of the race was going down from what they call the German House. I understood why they had to impose the 3:30pm cut off. Going down it would have been suicidal. Emer, Ria and I had a hard time negotiating the first half of this trail. We had opted to slide down on our bums during the steepest part of the trail. I have to give a lot of credit to Emer for being very calm during the segment. He never showed fear and kept me and Ria going.

hydration and nutrition. 2 bananas from the aid station, 1 Gu, 6 liters of mixed gato and h20, lotsa hard candies, half a naturevalley trail mix and 2 sachet of marathon max. When my friends and I go out of town, we have an eat every 2 hours rule. I was so suprised that I was able to last for so long with so little food. I think Marathon Max despite tasting like plaster of paris lemonade really works.

thanks chinky! I ran out of water 3kms from the radar. Not far but I knew it was going to take a long long time to my drop bag. I was so lucky to have caught up with runners from Fitness First Fort who shared some Gatorade with me. Salamat! Lifesaver!

hello darkness my old friend, time for tinikling. a couple of weeks before the race, i set an alarm on my mobile for the race. 4am TNF na! That was the message. Somewhere in John Hay, I was trailing a group. I had no runner behind me so I was keen to keep up with them. Tootootoot! Tootootoot! Hay! My alarm went off. It was so annoying I decided to get to get my phone to turn off the alarm. When I looked up, I was all alone. I never ran so fast in my entire life. There were so many roots to avoid that I was hopping and running at the same time. After a few meters, I realised this would be a good cross training for Tinikling and Singkil dancers.

lester. b. ray. nico. jonel. emer. ria. maraming maraming salamat for sharing the trail with me. you guys made the trail feel safer for me. I still have most of the gear, i just need to replace my headlamp… saan ba next year? 😀 nagtatanong pa lang ha …

3 thoughts on “last tales from the trail

  1. Disclosure: I was the other cuckoo (but unscathed), we might as well use the idled runway to take off!

    The halo-halo was at the waiting shed across the road from the equipment checkpoint at the end of the Kabuyao summit loop, just before you turn right and go down to the German’s house.

  2. Halo halo was at km 45 check point. It even had strawberries! I heard next stop is Bicol for 100km… then since it’s the last year DAW of north face, salomon will take over. Ah ewan, dami pang events along the way… as long as an event is FUN and a force of beastie challenge, continue smashing it into ooze!

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