H: Friend of G

Let’s connect the dots first. Do you remember G? Click here to read the story on how he helped Duncan and Derek.

When I wrote last year about G’s donation, he showed it to his non-running pinoy friend H. He was touched and inspired by the story (inspired enough to try another 5K? :D) H used to run when he was younger and could clock in a 4:37 mile. I think time and growing up interfered with H’s running. I do hope he picks it up again.

The amazing part of this story was that H gave G $100 to pass along to me so that I could donate shoes to another runner.

I thought I found a couple of runners from the province. However, I did not have enough information about them. Something I was working on also fell through. I thought it was a sign that this was not where I was supposed to spend H’s donation.

A few weeks back, Tin sent a message about members of the Elite Team Baldrunner – Frank Indapan and Alquin Boliver – joining an Ultra Marathon in Jeju, South Korea. Entry, accommodation and food will be free, however, even with the budget flights to SKor it will still be an expensive undertaking for the athletes.

I immediately knew that this is where H’s money should go.

This has been one of my dreams … to see our athletes compete internationally. (When asked for my race wishlist, I now wish that the top prize in local marathons will include an entry to a top international race, kahit in asia only. I think bugged a couple of organisers to consider it. Bawal lang TNT ha.) I believe that our athletes have what it takes. Jeju will now be an opportunity for our athletes to see how they measure up in the international setting.

To Frank and Alquin, goodluck!

Read more about them here.

And to G and H, salamat! G! Malapit na CamSur! 😀

2 thoughts on “H: Friend of G

  1. Wasn’t there a race last year or was it in 2008 where the winners won a slot in the marathon in Taiwan? Ano nangyari dun?

    And as for H friend of G… yet another blessing found online. Galing galing G and H! Your mission should you wish to accept it is to find 24 more friends… so you can complete the alphabet gang. (I know an X. You can have him!=D)

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