Globe Run 2010: Push and Pull

That was a tough one.

I don’t know why it was tough, it shouldn’t have been. It’s almost the same route we run every single half marathon with just a bit of greenbelt and more of heritage added. I told Mesh this morning it must have been some encanto at work.

Hurrah for the great water station and eager beaver aid station volunteers. But what happened to the FB update? Finish line only? I thought there would be several mats so friends could track us. Ohwell, no biggie. Extra singlet after the race was a nice bonus. No crowd at the finishline chute also.

The Race. Garmin rested today so I don’t have my accurate km splits. I just hit the lap button of the Polar whenever I saw km markers.


16:18 | 5:46 | 6:04 |13:08 | 5:59 | 6:22 | 6:18 | 6:44 | 6:42 | 6:52 | 6:48 | 7:05 |14:10 | 6:58 | 6:47 | 6:42 |12:50

Clock at the finish line read 2:22, same as the tuna run. But I think the distance of the 1st 2Km was off. I was definitely not running at 8min/km pace at the start. I heard that the buildings at the CBD made the garmin go bonkers so I suppose we won’t really have accurate race distance data.

Since I was clueless about my pace, I just bounced around during the first half of the race and hoped that I was on pace. Based on my running time and km markers, I was on target for the first half. Km9 was bad. The Gu I took at Km6 did not want to stay with me and decided to go up and out. Not pleasant. I started taking walk breaks to ease up a bit. Surprisingly, even with my walk breaks I was still able to maintain a good pace. Not on target anymore but not too bad. I just compared my km splits from the tuna run; the Globe splits were better (even with the walk breaks). I was able to stay off the high 7min/pace most of the time.

Could have been the Push&Pull. After Km9, I just relied on getting pulled by other runners. I returned to my mark-and-chase strategy. This carried me all the way to the finish line. Two girls in pink, one in green, a herbal life tri suit and consistent strides of a girl to my right kept me on pace.

Somewhere near BHS, I noticed a 15K runner was keeping pace with me. I actually like hearing a runner’s footfall. Helps to keep my rhythm. When we reached 32nd and she lagged about 2 steps behind, I looked back and asked her to keep pace. It is easier that way. We kept pace most of the Kalayaan flyover. I kept chasing a runner in herbal life tri suit. Pushing until I catch him.

As we were about make our final turn to Makati Ave., he turned to me and said, “Thanks for the push.” Turns out whenever I overtook him, it pulled his pace along.

Overall, it was a good race. T2 did not post PRs yesterday but it’s good to be back and running as a group. Missed the rest of the guys who weren’t able to race with us. Til the next race T2.


11 thoughts on “Globe Run 2010: Push and Pull

  1. vener – oo nga. will call you guys later. toxic real life.

    raymund – this is my old problem. sometimes if i run at a certain pace, i cant keep food down (even water). didnt see you guys din. we stayed near the finish line kasi.

  2. nice to see you at heritage bards! my pacing was also messed up from the start, so i just ran this for the hill training & fun 🙂 you might want to try hammer which is all-natural.

  3. encanto nga! 😉 dapat siguro nagbaliktad tayo ng t-shirt… i wonder how you would do it in your hibiscus colored top though…
    maybe i should have asked Doc. i was chasing after him the whole time. i just keep eating this man’s dust… just a tad better than your gu experience, i suspect.

  4. Cecil – what that old thing i pulled from the back of my closet. mwahaha. mesh said that someone actually makes money from deciding/dictating the colors for the season. i want that job!

    Tin – I was probably bouncing along somewhere behind you.

    Ricky – good to see you there too. Lakas nyo! I tried hammer … ew din eh.

    Mesh – alam mo naman the thing with adi techfit. once you’re in it kinda hard to get out of it. but i still love them. i just wish the come in more colors. sinong doc? dingdong doc?

  5. hey bards 🙂 nice review 🙂 it was also nice running with you up until after greenbelt part, where my itb started acting up 😦

    it was a nice race nonetheless 🙂

    see you around!

    so sorry to hear about your ITB. glad you enjoyed the race. as for me, i wasnt able to catch up with them Brazilian models i pointed out to you hahaha

  6. Are you serious?!!! I was singing out loud by km18!!! Was definitely having a serious talk with myself just to finish the race.

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