Front Runner: Finding its groove

I got my Mar-Apr issue of front Runner magazine today. 🙂

After quickly browsing through this issue, I smiled and texted EdBos to say, “It’s getting prettier!”

The first issue was … ’nuff na might get bonked. Great content but … *covers mouth and bonks own head, twice and snickers* Well … as EdBos said, no other way but up.

On to the new issue… It’s out! Do grab a copy. 😀 Bawi na, bos?

The content as always did not disappoint. Do check out J. Cu Unjieng’s “How sweet it is or not”. I am with you on this issue Jay! And as a sirena-wannabe, I enjoyed Des’ swimming article. Joe’s “Perils of Vitamin I” is an eye opener. I’ve read about people taking Alaxan before and during races and I have to admit to be curious about its effects. I now have guidance about it. And of course, read about them Kenyans.

Plus heaps more great stuff! Ayan, bawing-bawi na.

Hay! Adios font 14! I was never a fan of Arial but font size 12 is much better than 14. I’m still looking forward to more snazzy layout. Opps…I was not going to do a review of “the look” but since I started already. Haha might as well make some requests. EdBos loved the paparazzi style photos because it truly captures the feel of the Pinoy running scene but I’m also looking forward to more editorial photos in future issues.

I am loving that this magazine is finding its voice and hopefully its look, too. But, I am also dreaming that this will be the Pinoy runners ultimate running resource so please please add more hardcore training program and workouts, too.

Lastly,  *scratches head* I don’t know why I wrote a very lame title for my article. I usually come up with better titles. Eniweis, it’s on page 46. Hope you girls enjoy it!


8 thoughts on “Front Runner: Finding its groove

  1. cecil – The Challenges of Being Female – hay sus! It’s a good thing Jonel sent you to interview them, they would not have survived the day if they told me the same thing they told you at the start of the article. Haha!

    Joe – i like! Thanks a lot for that article!

    Now i wonder, bakit nga pala sa front Runner, bakit hindi caps yung F?

  2. WUHOOOO!! The one for the women 😉 Bards, thank you for inspiring me to get back on the road and to just go for it!

    Ive yet to see you in flesh and hug you with lots of thanks 😉

    Im scared for a dream mary but i always have you in mind (and nora, together with jaymie) for all the push and support!

    loving the magazine and even more! hmm.. want to write for the mag, can i contribute? hi sir jonel!

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