Twin Race Weekend

The not so amazing Amazing Kidney Race. With a 5:45 gunstart, I had to wake at 4am to have enough time to prep up and get to UP. Met Mesh at 4:50 and we’re off to QCland. When we got to UP, I called International Bandits L&M because I had their bibs.

Bibbed and GUed I was ready to race. Let’s go!



Wait pa rin. We had plenty of time to catch up with friends and talk about the HK marathon but really I didnt wake up 4am to chat with friends.

The 5:45 gunstart was delayed to 6:30. By the time we got to the starting line, the 15K runners were eager to get started and avoid the harsh sun.

Let’s go!

Ahhh dearest HostBoy and HostGirl decided to start the program. Too early for me to appreciate witty repartee. And then, DocMama was called to do a welcome speech. It’s her first fun run and I’m really happy for her but I wanted to race! Now!

tagal ng gunstart. picture muna! thanks Jan!

After she thanked all of kidneyland and all their kins and stones … we’re off!

I had a goal for the race, do the first lap in under 45min and just bounce along the second lap. I think, I know, I started too fast and had to adjust my pace at Km3 Of course, as I settled to a 5:55min/km pace a white dog overtook me. I tried to chase it but when I hit 5 and it was still pulling away, I decided to go back on pace.

The race route took us out first towards Commonwealth Ave and back again to the Acad Oval. Relatively flat. I was getting ready for the promised Heartbreak Hill but the route led us out towards Katipunan. Change route but it was rolling so I think it was equally challenging.

I faded a bit on the way back and my last 2kms were over 6mins. Good thing I banked a few seconds in the first 3kms.

I finished the 1st loop in 44:sumthing. Target, Hit! I slowed down and just bounced along.

It was a podium day for T2. Mesh came in 3rd Overall female and Dingdong was 2nd in the Doc Category. Yipee!!!

Winners!!!! Congrats Dingdong, Mesh and Tiffin!

BDM. After a quick costume change, Ray, Mesh and I raced to Pampanga. We had friends to cheer on and heckle a bit.

I am pretty familiar with San Fernando but when we tried to find the BDM markers, I realised that I only know how to get to our favorite eating places. Haha.

Ray eventually found the right way and we started seeing km markers. The first runner we saw was Arman Fernando. It was 11am and he was less than 10km to the finish. The question then was did he smoke Jonel? 🙂 We saw more runners and cheered for them too. We finally spotted Jonel. He was walking but with just 12kms to go he was on track for a PR. Cheers were exchanged for our FrontRunner boss. (Sabi nga pala ni Arman, 4-0 na daw sa Ultra!) We weren’t surprised to see Jay next. We weren’t also surprised to see him munching on a burger.

We continued our reverse sweep in search of Ria and Emer. We found them at Km76. Running. Walking. Smiling. Ria was swearing that she will never do this again. Really?

Emer and Ria almost at Km 76
Km76 Pitstop. Sponge, water and everything nice.

Vener ( and Dhenz ( you gotta read their stories.
Saying hello to Dhenz ( and Vener ( You gotta read their stories.

After seeing that Ria and Emer were still on track and had a game plan in place we headed to the finish line. On our way back, we continued to cheer for runners and friends. It was a bit hard to call out names because most of them had their faces covered to protect themselves from the harsh sun.

It was march to the finish for some but whenever we see warriors still running our hearts would skip a beat and we would cheer louder.

Most of the finishers we saw were  a bit teary eyed when they crossed the finish line. Awwww.

We had lunch and returned to the finish line when we found out that Ria and Emer were at Km97. 5Kms to go. They will finish. They have to finish.

At the finish line, as the cut off drew near, Mesh and I were still cheering, but we were keeping an eye out for Ria and Emer. Finally, we gave up and walked to the main road and a bit. We kept on computing their pace and we knew that they would be near.

Pretty soon we saw Ria! Woohoo!!!

Congratulations Ria!

But where is Emer?

We had to help out a bit at the finish line so we couldn’t wait for him at the corner.

And then with a few minutes before the 18hour cut off, I saw a runner sprinting to the finish line. He was running really fast. He crossed the finish line. It’s Emer! Woohoo! He kept on running. Oist, tapos na race. Ray and I went to him to congratulate him and to tell him to stop running. 😀

Ria finished in 17:37 and Emer in 17:55.

Happy Ending!

To all the runners and support crew, kahanga-hanga kayo!

To BR and his team, Congratulations!


6 thoughts on “Twin Race Weekend

  1. salamat for the push sister.

    hamo, i will get arman next year. i promise! anyway the score still stands in my favor big time 99-4! and he is keeping silent about my 99 wins all the time.he prefers to remember only his 4 wins.selective, you know.

  2. cecil – we were clapping, i think na-encourage pa si doc. Hay. But this one i lay the blame sa organiser. He should have been in control. Hay.

    Gil – edward kho said he will release the results kay tbr. runners who reg onsite might have prob with their time daw.

    Jonel – haha i will remind him of the 99.congrats again!

  3. Hello Bards!

    Maraming maraming salamat ulit to you Mesh and ray for taking care of me at the finishline. I really appreciate it. You were all so kind to me.


    1. Haide! good to see you have recovered well 😀 no problemo. we were glad to have assisted you and eugene.

      congratulations again to you for completing BDM and of course to your crew of one 😀 Eugene! he was cool and calm.

      i waited for your blog about the whole 102 journey. ang saya. ang scary. the leaving the old self behind and dying a bit and finding new self makes me a bit scared. i did not mention you in this entry because it’s your story and best told by you. and what a story!

      mesh and i got a kick that you thought we were nurses hehe. although there was a girl there, I believe a doctor who helped out too. We all thought she was part of the event’s medical team. but we saw her in one of the runner’s support vehicle. she was good!

      see you at the races soon!

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