overtaking kenyans

I read somewhere that to run a great race, all the elements have to be just right. The weather, your conditioning, what you’re wearing etc.

Today all the conditions were just right when I overtook not 1 but 2 Kenyans.

I saw them from a far. I had a feeling that they are the ones winning all and every race since QCIM. As I got closer, I recognized the logo of the water company sponsoring them in Manila. Sila nga!

I increased my pace and triumphantly overtook them!

Everything was just right. I was wearing running shoes. They we wearing flipflops. I was wearing compression tights. They were wearing jeans. I was running and they were walking. 😀

The rest of the 10K went smoothly. Unfortunately, I bonked at 15K. I stopped for some coke and doughnut and walked back to the gym.

🙂 After overtaking Kenyans, I’m now dreaming of running with Haile. Maybe tomorrow…


12 thoughts on “overtaking kenyans

  1. Great post! I am glad I was in the middle of my coffee since I hate shooting perfectly good coffee out my nose. 🙂 I grew up with Henry Rono as a hero of my running, and I got to pass him in a half marathon in 2008. Okay, he is now pushing 60 and was overwieght and just at the HM to promote his book, but non of that shows up in the record book. 🙂
    Happy running,

  2. Hey, is Haile doing a run anywhere around Manila on Thursday? Where and what time? The Ethiopian’s last T post about the Philippines visit is at least a week old. I was told he is being sponsored by a security company and that he was a diplomatic function a few hours ago.

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