going green

No, not green minded. Definitely not archer hugging green either. Maybe not even for May 10.

One Wednesday morning, I went grocery shopping at SM Megamall and I was so annoyed to find out that it was their My Own Bag day. They wouldn’t put my grocery in a plastic bag. I was annoyed at first, but after I have solved how I was going to carry 6 1.5L of Coke home, I appreciated SM’s initiative. After that, whenever I make small purchases, I would just ask for my receipt and put the items in my bag or simply carry it.

I decided to join the reduce waste track of going green.

At the start of the year, I made small adjustments in my running habits so that I can be a bit environmentally-responsible. Here are the two things I am doing so far to be a little green.

1. Go Big. Instead of buying Gatorade in the 500ml bottles. I have shifted to buying them in the 1.5L bottles. Less trash and I actually ended up saving money. One 500ml Gatorade is Php28 and a 1.5L bottle is Php68. Savings of Php16. 😀

2. BYO. At races, I bring my own hydration. I still stop at water stations to get water at times (well, a lot of times during the Century Superbods :D) to refill my flask but not as often and I don’t use up as many plastic cups.

Click here for more tips on how you too can go green.

And speaking of going green, at the bloggers launch for the Run for Home 2010 we were told that the singlets they will be distributing will be made from 100% recycled PET bottles. It’s from a company called Revolve. Cool, eh. 

Aside from this singlet from recycled PET bottles the Globe Run For Home 2010 scheduled for 21 March 2010 will be offering so many more new things to runners. It has so many bells and whistles that my ears are still ringing.

My personal favorite is the automatic Facebook status update. If you download the apps, they can update your Facebook account every time you cross a timing check point. At the NY Marathon, they sent email and text alerts but looks like Globe and FinishLine went one step further. Yey! TNo more mistakes in our shout outs about our finish times. >:) And if you have family and friends “covering” your race, they can easily track you. 😀 

Click here for more details about the race.


3 thoughts on “going green

  1. Great tip! Thanks.

    So excited for the singlet. I’d like to know how a shirt from PET feels like. Kudos for Globe & ALI for the initiative.

    As for the hydration, bawi na lang ako sa Globe run. Last Century, I stoppped at every water station, kahit hindi ako uhaw. Baka kasi mangawit si Kuya… 😀
    haha i think a few of us enjoyed the water stations last sunday. and the singlet … material is is very soft.

  2. That’s one of the coolest thing I’ve heard of recent, shirts from PET bottles! I sure hope that with rising costs of races organizers also start to think green, and I’m not referring to money 😀

    i agree. dami talaga trash after the race.

    but wait, check out the group reg option. we were looking at it and if you form a group of 10, you end up paying Php490 na lang each for 21K. 😀

  3. Gatorade also comes in powdered form in jars. That’s about P189/jar. I forgot how much that makes but I remember it came out cheaper than buying the 1.5L bottles.

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