TNF Nuvali: Bards be nimble

Bards be nimble | Bards be quick | Bards jumped all over | Crying out, Eeek! 

Dingdong, Marga, Luis and I left for Nuvali a little before 4am. This meant that I was up by 2:30am and waiting to get picked up by 3:30am. I think that between the four of us we had a total of 6 hours sleep. Still, the drive down to Nuvali was lively. 

Team Run Radio


I survived!!!


BananaSplits  : 5:46 | 6:09 | 8:32 |8:16 | 11:02 | 9:37 | 7:24 | 7:11 | 7:38 | 6:40 | 3:34

At the race briefing last Wednesday, they showed us pictures the race course. I saw dirt roads, a path through a forest and a picture of the river we will cross. I realised that this will be different from the Talamitam and Sacobia. I was a bit worried about the river trail. 

When the starting horn blasted, I instinctively sprinted. I wanted to break away from the pack to buy some time for when we have to slow down at narrow paths and run in a single file. I tried to keep pace with Raymund and Dingdong.

After a little over 1km we went off road and hit the path they have cleared for the race. The ground was uneven and my peroneous longus and ITB worked overtime to stabilize me. I focused on keeping a strong core to maintain balance.

At the river trail section, we walked when crossing the river and start running again at the sight of even ground. By the time we left the river trail, most of us were breathing heavily and have slowed down considerably.

Some runners stopped to remove the sand from their shoes. My feet were taped so the sand in my shoes did not bother me too much.

There are a lot of beautiful spots in the race course but I did not have time to really take in my surroundings. I was focused on not falling down.

Booyah! I finished the race in 1h21mins. 

After the race, I realised that I can only run on a trail at races. I need the adrenalin rush of a race to bravely run on uneven terrain. I realised also that I am indeed a roadie. At downhills, trail runners would gamely rush and leap down, I walked down gingerly with my arms outstretched for balance.

Congratulations to Mari for finishing 4th in the 22K race. I’m a fan!

Click here for the video Raymund did and try to see if you got Flipped by RunRadio!

8 thoughts on “TNF Nuvali: Bards be nimble

  1. on the bike i am a roadie, but because of this — for running beyond 10k, i am a trailie! (haha pilit mag-coin ng term)

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