The Amazing Kidney Race: My Next Race

After completing Condura, my next goal race is the Mizuno Infinity Race in April. Then, Dingdong sent us an email about a race in UP. I was originally thinking about the 21K at the Fort but when I read the brief about this race, I changed my plans.


There are a lot of race categories but I’m interested in the 15K Eliminator Pursuit. In this category race participants will run a course that will take them to UP Diliman’s best kept running course secret – the Heartbreak Route. It is a killer. I don’t think it is as mean as as McKinley Hill because it’s just one steep downhill and one steep uphill but you will feel the burn. 

But wait, there’s more … it’s actually a 2 in 1 race.

When asked about the cut off time, race organiser Edward Kho said, “And the cut-off, yes there is, to make it more exciting and the medal more meaningful. So 15K is actually two races rolled into 1. The race to the half-way mark within 45min and the actual finish cut-off time of 1hr45min. I studied most of the races with 15k and 21k and almost 70% of the racers could possibly attain this.”

So are you ready for the 15K Eliminator? I’m excited! I do want that medal. And Edward is right, the cut-off time will make the finisher’s medal more meaningful. 

Oh plus, this is one of the cheapest race to date. It’s only Php350.00.

The race director is the same guy who did the Corregidor Challenge. I wasn’t able to join that one so I don’t know the quality of his races. But this is something new and I’m ready to face his challenge. To be sure, I will run with my water flask. 

And you thought you could rest after Condura… it’s time to start training again boys and girls. 😀

Click here for the complete race details – registration, beneficiary and description of other race categories. 


Update 14Feb2010: Happy Valentine’s Day y’all! Turns out, you have 2 chances of getting the finisher’s medal. Run the first 7.5Km in 45mins or complete the whole course in 1:45. Bongga! See you on March 7.



6 thoughts on “The Amazing Kidney Race: My Next Race

  1. as someone who considers UP as his home turf, I find this race intriguing – after all, natakbo ko na ata yung lahat ng pwedeng takbuhan sa UP. the secret heartbreak route, i bet, is the road leading to the residential area coming from the university hotel and evetually emerging to the bahay ng alumni(inispoil? haha). if that’s it, this is gonna be tough indeed.

  2. Bards, would you know the details of the UP FLCD Challenge? Is it open to everyone? How long is it?

    I’m planning to do the 15K eliminator but my friend, a newbie, prefer a lesser distance. Pede kaya sya dun?

    Thanks. 😀

    1. it’s the 5K category. open to all. for winners, they have categories for doctors and non-doctors and male and female. good for newbies. hope to see you guys there!

  3. thanks for the post bards! interesting huh….good that i haven’t signed up for anything yet for that day.

    hmmm i know that secret route, had so many heartbreaks there (V-mode), oh, i meant have run that several times. That surely is tough huh.

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