hep hep para hurray

Condura runners! The race pack collection starts today.

It’s a Condura race so expect a lot of people to turn up at the race itself and even at the race pack collection.

Just like any event that draws a big crowd (i.e. midnight madness, sale sa SM etc) timing will be important. Decide now if you are going on the first day to avoid the rush of last minute panic on Saturday, go on Friday to avoid the mad rush of the first day or on Saturday hoping that everybody else got their packs already on Thursday and Friday. I would suggest going on the offpeak hours.

I expect a lot of runners (with friends, asawa, anak, yaya and even pets) to turn up at the race pack collection. We have 3 days to collect our race packs. Choose the best time for yourself. Pero syempre mas exciting kapag madami tao and friends na makikita.

Let us keep our cool ha. Kung may pila … ganyan talaga kapag blockbuster event. If you do end up queueing up here are some simple exercises you can do.

1. Calf raises – pedeng gawing pasimple naka exercise ka pa. Highlyrecommended if you have chicken legs

2. Walking lunges – good for lower body conditioning at  sure na star ka sa race pack collection. Kung dagdagan mo pa ng biceps curls mas panalo kasi compound exercise na sya.

3. Hamstring stretch – pretend ka lang na you’re fixing your shoes

4. Single leg squat – it’s not easy so it will definitely keep you entertained and focused

5. High Knees – kapag may nagwawalking lunges na, ito ang ipangtapat mo. mas bonga sya!

Have fun!

Good luck on Sunday!

I’m wishing for cool weather, cloudy without a chance of meatballs. 😀


13 thoughts on “hep hep para hurray

  1. LOL Bards!!! I am SO gonna do #’s 1-5 kahit na short lang ang line! hahaha!

    I’ll be there mga 6pm :p clocking off from work at 530pm and heading straight to claim my kit! 😉

    I’m trying to change my nervous feeling to a feeling of excitement (that Buendia bridge is really scaring the heck out of me 😦 first time eh…)

    Goodluck with your run! 😀

    1. haha personal favorite ko yung walking lunges with bicep curls 😀
      i think i will go on friday before my last run.

      the buendia flyover … chika dont worry about it. you did the nike human race. buendia is nothing compared to that one. have fun and see you at the 10K route on Sunday! 🙂

  2. Sana hindi to katulad ng isang expo last year…
    Sana fab kasya pa din small for me (cross-fingers)…
    Sana bongga ang discounts ng Asics sale!

    …oops, 6:03, cartwheel na ko to the expo!

  3. Iz 6:27 and am back with my kit. Ganun kabilis. Naki pag chikahan nako nyan ha. The best race packet redemtion to.

    Got my bib number, dolphin tee, reflector button pin, race info packet, Ako mismo key fob, natures valley granola and

    uhm, Lactacyd…who wants?

    Sorry, Ms Bards, double post. 😀

  4. hmm…I did not dare to get nearer to the tents this afternoon when i did my run at the fort. but i’ve seen a lot of cars parked & lots of boxes at the back of each tent. i hope there were no problems today. see you on sunday!

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