oasis in the middle of the CBD


Ayala Triangle Gardens


Behind Tower One’s grand façade is a triangular quilt of public garden and courtyard that will offer a sanctuary from the urban rat race and an informal view of everyday Central Business District life. – Lifestyle Section PDI 11Aug09

The Ayala Triangle Gardens (ATG) is also a good place for short runs. If you are looking to do a 30min run (or maybe up to an hour any longer would drive me crazy) then try to checkout ATG. 

This is truly a welcome addition to the CBD. Lotsa trees and fully landscaped. Paved paths. Beautiful lighting design.

When I started running, I used to run around this fenced-off area. After work runs is not ideal then because of the fumes from the cars perpetually stuck in traffic in this area. Opening up this area and creating the garden is truly a welcome addition to the Makati CBD landscape and lifestyle. All the trees and plants in the garden keep the air cool. I’ve been doing my cool down at ATG for a couple of weeks now and upon entering the garden I immediately notice the difference in temperature.

ATG is located behind the Ayala Triangle building and accessible via Paseo de Roxas, Makati Ave. and Ayala Ave.

Thanks Ayala!


6 thoughts on “oasis in the middle of the CBD

  1. Hi Bards!

    It’s heart-warming to see Ugarte Field morph into ATG 😉

    See you on the road!

    ray – oh! yung pala old name nya. mesh said it used to be a runaway.

    mesh – kung runway dati … ronda nga! hehe

    1. bards – did you mean runway … ugarte field used to be a football pitch back then …

      turns out … it’s used to be part also of an airport facility in the 40s. galing di ba

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