been bad

running will always take you back

this is one of the inspirational posters at NB 2008

thank goodness!

it’s true!

* * *

2010 started with me feeling lost

no program

no goal race




back to smoking 

out of shape

and horror of horrors

i didn’t miss running

that got me worried

* * *

back to the drawing board

i sat down and made my 10K program

my short term goal

fit into the gown for Ms Piggy and Kermit’s wedding

i ran most of the runs in the program

started lifting weights again

i was able to squeeze into the gown

i was hooked on running again

Baguio was a slight setback

i know now that i can’t train in cold weather


* * *

i have a goal race now


will enjoy the short races

run my tempos and speeds for short races

but will still go long

long like i’m training for a Full

next month i want to be back at 80kms per week

i will race condura

if i fail then i will just party at 10 with T2

* * *

i’m back!

i’m running!

i love running!

i’m a runner!


11 thoughts on “been bad

  1. Congratulations on getting back on the right path! I’m still struggling but I’m glad I’ve been able to run at least twice a week. Now all I have to work on is convincing myself that speed work won’t kill me and actually do it!
    hay, me too. i have to commit to spending at least one day at TmBR talaga. sige back to kulitan na again with our runs.

  2. Burn out does happen and It’s ok to take a 2 or 3 day break. Just don’t enjoy it too much.
    May I suggest that you identify what made you get into that slump so in the future you will know how to handle it better
    Runners are a different breed of people in so many ways we are better than the norm because we make running a way of life which the norm will never understand. You are a runner and always be a runner. I’m glad you have bounced back!!! I don’t know where you put your NYC medal but when in a slump take a look at it and all the positive feeling will come back on why you are a runner. Sometimes the thing that challenges us the most defines us.

    i think i enjoyed the break too much. lost the rhythm. plus, goodness, it was sooo hard to run in 10C weather in NY and Ha Noi.

    and yes, i hanged na the NY medal where i can see it together with the milo elims medal (na i got, kahit i didnt make it in the official results, to keep me on track. Thanks Patrick!

  3. didn’t miss running? we just saw last week (weds) running near mckinley. =D

    see you sa races! keep running!
    thanks rod. Wednesday … that was me slowly getting my groove back. nothing like a long run to help put things in to proper perspective.

  4. I can so relate! The year started to be blah for me too! Glad to hear you’re back on track. (funny to read about Ms. Piggy and Kermit’s wedding.. post pix of you in a gown??)

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