how can something so wrong feel so right

So Wrong: The race distance was short of the promised 32K. We only had 2 aid stations for the 7K loop. The first 2Ks of the route was dark. Not everybody got a finishers medal. Rants?  Not from me. No complaints from me this time. I loved every minute of the race (even when I started my Sunday stroll pace after km26). Yeah yeah I’m probably a bit biased but hear me out …

So Right: I was giddy happy that I completed the distance to rant. Plus the aid stations and number of finisher’s medal were explained before the race so I knew what to expect. And they have food at the aid stations. Water was cold in everytime!  BR next time pede po dun na serve yung lechon? 😀 Oh and the last 2Kms, I was happy I didn’t have to run it anymore. Only regret … had I known it was less than 32 I would have stayed on pace longer.

So Wrong: I was not prepared for this race. Or better yet, I did not prepare for this race at all. I wasn’t being cocky I just got hit with a bit of injury and a huge dose of vacation mode.  My longest run before the race was 15Km @ 7:30ish min/km pace. My total mileage the week before the race was only 45kms. I wore a new pair of shoes. I only had 4 hours sleep. The only thing I did right was to carboload like I was running a Full. That I did because it’s always fun. I didn’t even have Gu. And my hydration days prior to the race was mostly regular coke.

I knew the race was a disaster waiting to happen. I know, I know, you are probably thinking that I was sabotaging my race. I was. That was the evil plan. 😉 This way I wouldn’t feel too bad if I don’t finish. At least I will have lots things to blame. 😀 

So Right: What I didn’t anticipate was Dingdong staying on pace with me and Lester joining us. Dingdong and Lester. They are fast. Luckily, Dingdong was just out on a long run and Lester was reviving his running career. This meant that they will not be going on their fast and furious race pace. For me, this meant that I will be running faster than 7:30ish.

These are the lyrics to the song in my previous post. “Wag kang mabibigla, isasama kita/ wag kang magtanong, basta sumama ka lang.” And this is what happened today. No questions asked, I just ran Dingdong and Lester’s pace. I didn’t want them to die of boredom so even if our pace was hitting 6:30ish I tried to keep silent. I succeeded for about 2 loops, I think. A friend also kept us entertained during the race. We stopped at all water stations so this gave me time to recover. I stayed on pace at 6:45 min/km  for 26kms. I was surprised and mighty pleased. Could I have pushed on at that pace for the whole distance? Maybe but I didn’t want too. I had to rein in because I didn’t want my temperamental plantar fascia to have a partner in crime. 

After this race, I realised that I can still go the distance. I can still hit my paces. I go back to training mode more confident and bolder in going for my training paces.

Oh and the plantars, they didn’t bother me at all. Amazing!

Congratulations to all who ran today. Hope you guys had as much fun as I did. 

To BR, sir congratulations to you and your team.  I’m looking forward to the next race!

One last hirit!

So Wrong: Don McLean’s Vincent as in yung Starry Starry Night blaring out of someone’s Ipod at the start of the race. and I’m sorry hearing this song at a race will always and forever will be so wrong! 😀

Happy New Year!


11 thoughts on “how can something so wrong feel so right

  1. Kahit so wrong, kahit so right, hayaan mo na, t’was the last for the year, and t’was a blast. Salubungin natin ang bagong taon nang nakatayo at nakatingala, happy new year, Bards.

  2. bards, akala ko pa naman christmas love story na, because of the title… gusto ko pa naman ma-in love… nabitin ako hehehe

    yep, i too enjoyed the run! and i must agree, your blog entry title was so appropriate.

    sige, kanta na lang ulit:
    “how can something so wrong, feel so right all along… catch me, i’m falling for you… wooohhhh!!!!” hehe

  3. i am glad that you did not mention that i led the group in singing the Pambansang Awit/Lupang Hinirang…hehehe! Thanks again for supporting the races of Team Bald Runner. More to come next year!

  4. bards…good laugh at the starry starry night….
    but guess what? at the first 2k, i also had a “let the pain remain” from someone’s ipod as well, after i stopped to tie my shoelace….i immediately sprinted after hearing that. (i have 30k more no, and i don’t want the pain to remain hahaha)

  5. Cheers! Happy New Year! 🙂
    Bards, 4 hours of sleep. I feel the WRONG in that but you’re super! Congratulations on the run still 🙂

    Now, coach me again? Haha! I promise to be a good good girl.

  6. vener – hehe it was a good way to end the new year. great seeing you. but feeling ko nadaya tayo ni Xty. She should have been with us. 😀

    jinoe – kasi back to back long runs? 🙂 hope your knees are feeling better. just a few more LR and ready na for Condura. woohoo!!!

    jet – basta masasabi ko lang bawal ang ballad kapag race hehehe

    BR – i didn’t hear you sing. but then again i was racing to the starting line … Sayang!

    Luis – korek! i will take out an ad sa runradio …. bawal po ang slow song!

    wayne – happy new year!!!!

    coach!!! program ko? 😀

    Tin – must be the same guy! hehe

    Dear Dude listening toVincent – gusto mo solicit ako ng money for earphones sa yo? hehehe just kidding and messing a bit. it was a novelty and gave me a reason to smile kahit i had 20+ kms to go.

    Kassy – surely. 5K or 10K? tara. im dropping to shorter race distances this year. 😀

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