i covet

I found this video in one of the blogs in my tagsurfer.

Check out the running form of these guys … and drool. I do wish I have a much longer stride.

And yes, running can be dangerous to your mental health. Before you know it, you drool over running form first before you realize that you are watching half nekkid men running. 😀

Running: I did 10K today. Funny how there are more skaters than runners in my temporary route. Ran an extra 500m to the shop Joy asked me to visit. Unfortunately, the bag she wanted me to get wasn’t there anymore. After my failed shopping attempt, I had chicken inasal at BBQ Park. It was another 500m to the hotel. Too full and tired. I got in the first cab I saw. Good night! 



7 thoughts on “i covet

  1. mmmmm naman?
    look at them and look at your self no?
    see their foot, it is similar to wheel when it played in slow motion. hay naku naman. kc payat cla at insayado sa takbuhan hehe.
    nice video.

  2. HI Bards! I didn’t make it to 25 minutes just as planned since been on/off running but I just want to tell you that I DID IT! I made it to my first race 🙂 thank you.

    I shall go for the next. and always thinking of you fondly! Now, how do i lose weight? Hahaha!! YOu’re the PRO and CHAMP! 🙂


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