not hilo-hilo in Iloilo

During my last work trip, I played hooky big time. 10 days and I only ran 5K. Tsk tsk tsk. And I even  had a great playground – a big lake – just across the street.

This time around I was determined to get back into base training and log my required weekly mileage. I was so desperate that I was prepared to run circles at the Iloilo sports center. Fortunately, I found this 1.2km stretch near Hotel del Rio. It’s asphalt and well lit. The view is just a bonus. And I even found a manong pacer. 😀

I ran 9K and went home happy and pain-free. Plantar fasciitis, away!


10 thoughts on “not hilo-hilo in Iloilo

  1. talented ka talaga! haha! 🙂 manong pacer daw…bilis, ipon kwento (at pasalubong) and then uwi!
    i got na bucayo. now if i can only move the age bracket at least 2 brackets down then we would be in a better situation. ah, life!

    1. Biscocho haus or wewins to buy pasalubong? yes to buying butterscotch. i will have to show the rest of the comment to a local now because i think you mean they have dried mangoes here and if its dried mangoes from guimaras … oh goodness! that would be heaven.

  2. i also have suspected plantar fasciitis. i’ve read from runner’s world complete handbook about self-treatment and strengthening of various foot problems, so i got myself a golf ball where i roll my foot arch area for instant massage. feels good! =)

    oh me too! I got golf balls… i crushed the tennis balls so i had to find a replacement. golf balls are actually more effective than tennis balls.

  3. is that the road going to the former manduriao airport? nice run!
    they call it riverside boardwalk and yup it leads to the old airport.

  4. Ei Bards I was able to run this route too last Nov as I stayed in a hotel in Smallville which is beside the boardwalk, puwede na din with less pollution pa..

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