Can I please whine? Just this one time. Please.

I ran 5, then 8 and finally 10K last Sunday. I thought I was finally on track and back on the road. Running and rolling.

Well, this evening, I was running and almost ended up rolling down the road. I didn’t notice a the small stone on my path and stepped on it at an awkward angle. I wobbled. The ankle twisted and I ended up hobbling.

The good news is I don’t think I have a sprain. It’s just strained. If I tiptoe it doesn’t hurt. 

I had to cut short my run and  ran forefoot all the way back to BHS. 

I hope this gets better…soon.


10 thoughts on “*whine*

  1. bring some of those tiny flashlight during your night runs..rest well and call the crazy coach for the “cure”…hehehe!
    i have scheduled a painfest with Coach tom. aguy!

  2. Dang, these freak accidents suck. Rest up, and hope you get better soon 🙂
    considering im a total klutz this is my first aragguy tapilok. it’s better now. i can run na tom. thanks!

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