Rizal Day 32K Run: Registered

If a Full is 42K and a Half is 21K. Do we now call this race a 3/4s?

Whatever it is, I’m registered. 

This is going to be on December 30 at Camp Aguinaldo. Four loops around the Camp. The route rolls. Be prepared, be very prepared. 

I heard that there will be beer, ice cream etc at the finish line. Nice!

This race is of course brought to you by Bald Runner. The 15K Masters that he organised a few months back was simple and well organised. They could still improve in recording the finish time of runners but the important thing was that we had sufficient water and the distance was accurate. I liked that they used smaller cups too. 

Now that I have registered for a race, I suppose its time to hit the road!


30 thoughts on “Rizal Day 32K Run: Registered

  1. whoa, would love to have joined in the fun with the group – i will make up for this by and run the same distance on the same day and time from Silay to Bacolod and back =)

    1. I registered at his office. But last NB race, BR also had booth set up. He might do another set up in upcoming races or maybe leave a comment in his blog to inquire.

      this race will keep us running even during the holidays. hehe see you there!

  2. Hi Bards. When Coach Rio visited the U.S. last month, he told me about his 32K race that he’ll be putting on next November. The reason for the distance is usually, that’s when the wall sets in for the average runner in a marathon.

    I know it’s great that Bald Runner is involved in putting this on. All the runners have nothing to worry about and it will be a great event. Take care and have a nice month of December!
    ey wayne! 32 will be an interesting distance. i just hope i survive it. see you next year!!

  3. Kindly post the exact address of Baldrunner’s office. I am interestd to join this race, having Cp Aguinaldo as my training ground for years for I work inside it as a civilian employee.

  4. hi bards,
    i’m already registered in this race. i saw their booth in UP Yes Run. I am reminded of the 15K masters run last sept 6. we had a nice sprint to the finish line, as if were running for the first place.
    See you..

  5. Ricci – sorry, race details in this post is from last year. recommend you visit baldrunner.com for the race details. havent been training kasi so im not up to date with info for this year’s race.

    mrs.pj – hmmm…Ate. haha please check my profile dearest. and then head towards baldrunner.com for the 32K run details.

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