Dear Photovendo

47685-20971-001f Now this is the fierce finish line photo I’ve been dreaming about. 

A second timer showing our finish time on top of the banner/streamer prominently showing the name of the race (and sponsors too).


Pretty please with Gu on top! :o)


3 thoughts on “Dear Photovendo

  1. Hi Bards. I believe the NYC Marathon was the first race to do this (I could be wrong). I certainly remembered it while crossing the line in 2005!

    Happy that you and the Philippine contingent had a great time. Have a safe trip back home!

  2. IM RUNNING MY FIRST 5k!!! 🙂 on dec 13. Training starts today 😉 yes, im getting back at it! and I have to tell you .. because I owe you!
    woohoo!!!! finally! this is the BF Pasko Run? Im hoping to do that … but i dont think i will be in manila *again* sayang. well first 5K, have fun and looking forward to read all about it. glad to see you back in the blogsphere.

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