NYC : Sidelights

1. At the Expo

 It was crowded but not chaotic. I was able to get my bib, race kit and get my Dtagged checked in less than 15 minutes. 

Trying on shoes you only see in RW was pure bliss. Lots of freebies too.

a expo

a expo2

2. Schwag

Here are the stuff  in the goody bag and freebies from the Expo. 

a loot

3. Continental Airlines International Friendship Run

This was the run scheduled the Saturday before the Marathon. All international runners have been invited. Dingdong, Vicky, Doray and I decided to join the fun and so did a few thousand international runners. Since it was Halloween, a few runners turned up in costume. 

This 4K run was fun and served as a good test run for us. We ran the part of the marathon route in Central Park.  

a fun1

a fun2

a fun4

a fun3


14 thoughts on “NYC : Sidelights

  1. Congrats Bards! Ang saya naman ng goodie bag. Kasama mo pala si Sam? Hahahaha.
    thanks neil. masaya yung goodie bag … but then again masaya din ang reg fee. 😀

  2. Look at that goodie bag! Nakakatuwa naman yang “Halloween run” nyo at mukhang di nilalamig ang mga tao dyan hehehe. I wonder how “Mr. Eiffel” was able to run? 🙂
    mr eiffel was strong talaga.

  3. Hi, Bards,

    It was great meeting you. I wrote a blog post about you and being a runner from the Philippines in the NYC Marathon. It can be found here.

    Thanks again!
    thanks roman. sending good juju your way. great meeting you and hope your story gets picked-up. piqued curiosity is good … next step is to get you to lace up. 🙂

  4. hi, ang angas mo. NY pa? 39 ba ay kulang kaya 42 na b4 NY. good result no? more pr pa. 10k at 5k tayo muna. k? anyway congrats you really deserved it.

    haha. maraming salamat coach! the ITB behaved very well.

  5. Hello Bards! I just joined Coach Salazar’s speed training last tuesday. I am having fun 🙂 Really, I would love to meet you in person… I am an instant fan hehehehe

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