hurts so good

After my RotaRun-LongRun combo, I knew that my ITB would start complaining and become an issue. The left one is really tight. No knee pain yet but I could feel the tightness everytime I run.

I needed more than the usual massage. After getting my shorter leg fixed, I finally called and made an appointment with Coach Tito Salazar. Not for the usual torture – speedwork and drills – but for a different kind of torture.

Friends have gone to him for hilotmassage and with amazing results. His kind of massage is similar to trigger point therapy. He would find the tension knots and work on it. Hurts like crazy! Imagine how it feels when your therapist works on that knot on your back … then multiply it by 10. You can ask him to ease up but you know you want him to get rid of that knot so you can run again. Pain to get rid of the pain. Hay.

Did it work?

Two sessions and two cutback weeks later, I completed my first sub5 marathon at the QCIM. It definitely worked for me. Thanks Coach!


A group of us now gather for Torturefest Mondays with CoachS.

You may call/text him at 0920 5367038.

3 thoughts on “hurts so good

  1. Hey Bards! I heard from Natz that these sessions are pure hell indeed! But they work! Thank goodness my ITB problems dissipated, or else I was going to try these out for myself. Hey, congrats on your sub-5 full BTW, awesoooome! 🙂

  2. Hi Bards, I have a question… Did you cry? hehehe…. Congrats on your sub5 hour marathon. I remember coach telling me, that when he puts pain into your body, your body reacts to it and secretes all those enzymes to make it stronger. I thought his idea was ridiculously unusually funny but it made a lot of sense, though it could be quite hard to prove.
    I’m glad it worked for you too! 🙂

    hehe thank goodness i have very high tolerance for pain but still i squirmed A LOT! although I do tap out and call for a break at least once per session. rest, hilot worked for me. i dunno how and i dunno why … im just glad it did.

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