QC International Marathon 1: The Unplanned Race

Rewind to Singapore. Time to come clean. When I was training for Singapore, I was really aiming for a 4:30 finish. I would say sub5 but at the back of my mind I knew that I was going to push for 4:30. Believe me, to a newbie like me armed with my Runner’s World run 3 times a week program, I felt I was ready and 4:30 was so doable.  I fell flat on my face in Singapore. I had fun and a great picture at the finish line but I went home shattered.

Botak and Milo. Shattered but still determined to pull off a redemption marathon. At the start of the year, I set a more realistic target — sub5. I knew what I can do and what I’m willing to do to achieve my goal. And so at the start of the year, I increased my weekly mileage. I inserted speed repeats. Long runs remained at 7:00min-8:30 pace but distance was usually in the high 20s.

Botak was my first attempt. I did better than SG but still way off target. When I ran Milo, I dared to hope  that I would finally reach sub5. All I wanted was to finish before the cut-off so that I could be in the results. Fail! 5:06 was not enough to get my name on the finishers list.

I still have TheRace at the last quarter for 2009. One more chance for redemption. I kept on running and training for this race. 

QCIM. This race was not TheRace. The only reason I signed up for it was because of this CrazyCoach who told me I should run 32, 36 and 39K long runs. Coach Salazar is mental but he is TheMan!!! Thanks Coach!

This was honestly going to be a long run and I really planned to stop at 39km. Then another BasketCase who claims to be my friend asked if the the .195 will be my warm-up and the last 3km will be my cool down. I know that I was being played. Walk/run the last 3k. Why not!

And so the night before the race, I finally admitted my evil plan. I will push. I will try to run as many kms at goal marathon pace. I will not stop at km39. I will run/walk/crawl to the finish line.


2 thoughts on “QC International Marathon 1: The Unplanned Race

  1. Hi Bards, I came across your blog for the first time tonight. I really enjoyed it. Congratulations on your NYC finish! Thank you also for joining the QCIM of which our company Visions in Action helped market/promote. Cheers!

    thanks Ron!

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