Nike+ Human Race: Sayang ang miles

Picture 4

Sign and up now and be part of the biggest race EVER! Last year, we ranked #19 with a total of 10, 706.7kms logged.  That’s the first challenge to beat. For extra challenge join us and rack mileage with the five Ambassadors. Sign up for Team Bananarunning, Team Tatanka, Team Weekend Warriors, Team Steadyland or Reema’s Road Racers. I would be ecstatic of course if you sign up in my team. 😀


5 thoughts on “Nike+ Human Race: Sayang ang miles

  1. sali mo sa team mo ang team hardcore! pwede ba yun? mataas weekly mileage ng mga HC’s! but i dont understand exactly how it works though…..8-)

    sali kayo !!! bilis! pero kelangan may nike+ or sportsband. pati rin Iphone may apps for running. tara bilis, another team has a runner logging 170++ km in 8 days. hanep.

  2. Hi Bards!

    Will try to run longer – kaya lang with the weather, it’s almost impossible to run outside… And I can’t stand the treadmill… 😛

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