@Run Radio

It was 10am. I ran 15K the day before and didn’t have a good night sleep so I was downing my caffeine fix to stay awake. And yup, extremely dehydrated. I do funny things when I’m dehydrated.

I got a text and then a call from Marga, the executive producer of RunRadio.

She asked me a question … my eyes popped, my jaw dropped, I grinned with matching look sa sky and then I said to myself, “Wow! Fun! I wonder how I sound?” In between all these eye popping, jaw dropping and inner dialogue, I managed to say yes to Marga.

And that is how I ended up co-hosting Run Radio last Friday.

She needed somebody to go on board as Jaymie will be going on leave.

Have I done radio work before? Nah. I didn’t even know how I sounded.

So, the first thing I did was to follow GMan’s suggestion and hole up in my room to record my voice on my celfone. Goodness, I didn’t realise that you have to talk nonstop. I mean, if you have ever ran in a race with me you would know I can talk non-stop. But when I recorded my mock spiels I realised that 1 second gap  is sooo long. YelpThat’s when panic settled. Good thing I was going to the show that Friday to see how they do it.

I watched and hopefully learned on that Friday. They do look like they were just chatting. Maybe I could do it.

Fast forward to last Friday, 30minutes before the show I got a text from Jay. He said that traffic was bad. He was still at … ROXAS BLVD!!!! Then he sent another text to say I might have to do the first 15minutes solo. No, Jay is just pulling my leg. I looked out and EDSA was not moving. I started to worry.

I have the sequence guide, I should be okay. But he said that hosting the show would be like us chatting and talking about running. Easy. I could talk running forever and a day. But if he was not there, then who do I talk to? P A N I C!

Jay arrived with a few minutes to spare. He was just kidding. And yes, I fell for it! *sucker*

Picture 5
With RunRadio Host Jay Nacino
Picture 6
RunRadio Executive Producer Marga Deona opening the show
Picture 9
Guests Jamike, Jake and Mayi of IAMNINOY Runners with Marga

So we did the first segment – opening, weekend recap – Jay and Marga helped keep the ball rolling. It was like we were just sitting around and talking about … running.  

And then we had to do the interview. A whole new world … For the first half of the interview my strategy was to duck and cover. I was a bit lost and decided to shut up. Thanks Vimz for being kulit enough to make me budge and join the interview. Whew! 

Picture 7
Duck and go low - hopefully the guests won't notice that there are 2 hosts

Patrick and Coach Rio’s phone interview just flew by and before I knew it we were closing the show.

It was really fun. I have to admit that I don’t remember half of the things I said. 🙂 Good thing I managed to  remember to greet friends. Click here if you want to listen to the podcast.

Tune in again later to RunRadio 9-10pm at NU 107 with Jaymie and Jay.

Picture 4
with Mari, Vimz, Marga and Jay. Maraming salamat ulit! Sa uulitin ...

10 thoughts on “@Run Radio

  1. Bards you really sounded good on the radio and you’re very much like a pro… nag-hohost ka ba pag fiesta? Hehe joke lang but seriously, nice job! Congrats!

  2. marga – amazing ang jacket. well preserved. 🙂

    BR – hehe thanks!

    Vimz – thanks talaga. muntik na akong magstare and nod lang for one whole segment. haha

    dhenz – great idea yan! malapit na fiesta season hehe pero i have to find yung mga fiesta na may barangay race din para sulit. haha thanks.

  3. Bards – now everytime i hear Mr. Brightside it will remind me of you (Ms. Brightside dapat)

    Very nice voice also! Galing. Level up na.

  4. after the first 5 minutes, I didn’t have to listen to the radio to know how you sounded – real smooth operator … have you been practicing in secret, congratulations again.

  5. Congratulations Bards, nice voice on the radio! 🙂 You were a lot more polished than what you would make us believe in the writeup 🙂 Didn’t sound nervy at all! Very nice!

  6. neil – thanks! and I really like that song, the whole album is nice. 🙂

    mari – balita ko ikaw daw next hehehe

    luis – haha thanks. good thing the web cam wasnt pointed our way then it would have recorded how i was jumping aroun. 😀

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