getting back

Ondoy has come and gone. I’m a statistic. Life has to go on. On the flipside, my ITBs appreciated the forced rest. Ondoy did a lil bit of good afterall.

I finally went for a run today. Going back to my old routine would put things on track. After 4 days of no runs and nursing my ITB, the first few steps were not easy. I was waiting for the tightness and the pain. Nothing!

It was a very slow run. I just kept putting one foot in front of the other and before I knew it I was already 1 hour into the run. I tried to do striders at the end but the ITBs complained. It’s okay, I can sprint another day. For now, I’m just happy to be running again.

Slowly getting back my sanity. Slowly getting back to normal. Can’t wait.

Ondoy turned our place into a swamp but others are not so fortunate. If you want to give back and help out you might consider the relief efforts of Team Hardcore. They are calling it TKO250: Takbo Kontra Ondoy. Visit the site to get the complete details.

A side bet might be nice … double the pledge for a PR. Triple for a BQ time  🙂


7 thoughts on “getting back

  1. Hi Bards!

    Remember, “this too shall pass…”

    Keep the faith!

    See you on the road!


    wish ko lang. oh! i ran 10k earlier. no pain! but the swamp is still a swamp. but at least i got to run.

  2. Hi Bards, good you had a good run last night. Nice to see you. Huwag ka lang magkakalat ng pera, hehehe

    BroJ – looking strong yesterday. haha i dropped my baon buti na lang i found it again. its my km9 gatorade baon.

  3. thank you for the plug.

    you are really a hardcore in disguise wearing a banana any rate, i am taking on your offer for that p.r. thing and well, BQ ,i hope.


    Game on Team HardCore! Here are your BQ times … opps … they will know your age brackets now.
    Jonel – 3:30, Mari – 3:15 and Lester – 3:10. I’m rooting for you guys!

  4. hey glad your back to running! great job last friday… you should have your own show 😀

    haha, paging bos marga. thanks joe. when are we going to see you sa race?

  5. hey, we should place our names on the list of victims of typhoon “ondoy”! glad you are alright!

    haha i think we should. still no power when i called this afternoon and water only went down 2inches. rain rain go away.

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