gone loco

It started with V. Then K got it. Now, I’m showing symptoms. <– just symptoms not the full blown syndrome.

Waah! It’s gone viral!

ITB Syndrome has gone viral! *panic*

Don’t mind me too much today. Will be sticking to fragmented phrases also. Not too taxing. Hay! Freaking about missed runs. Worried about Sunday. Making peace with the idea that I will get slaughtered in my own Nike+ challenge.

I got my legs realigned today. One leg was shorter again. Bonesetter dude recommended 2 days rest. Will get massage tomorrow. 

And since they say laughter is the best medicine, have a healthy dose on me …


3 thoughts on “gone loco

  1. rest and take luyang dilaw and some over the couter medicines. drink lots of fluids. get a sports massage and sleep the whole day, jog and stretch. ok? 39k? rest muna? RUN RADIO NA!!! NY na!!!

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