RotaRun: The Short and Long of It

TheShort: The race, RotaRun, was 3km short. It has been reviewed, taken apart, put together and hopefully laid to rest. I was just wondering why they didn’t announce that the course was short at the start of the race? Or maybe they did and I was busy yakking away to hear it. Eniweis … on with the Long Story.

TheLong: Sunday was a big day for me. I’ve scheduled one of the epic long runs to coincide with this race. I find it easier to maintain goal pace when I’m running with other people. So the LongPlan for Sunday was 36kms. 

Starting to run again after finishing the 18K was not easy for me. I messed up my hydration again and suffered through upper right, lower left, upper left and lower right side stitch. Maybe I should just call it a full frontal stitch. 

And yes, I will admit it, the race’s shorter distance messed with my slightly OC planning. I knew that I only needed to do 15K by myself. I know, I know, it’s just an additional 3K…but still. At that time I was thinking, *growl!* it’s like doing the race all over again … so on with long story.

After I crossed the finished line, I decided to head up to 7-11 to get some Gatorade and then I resumed my walk-jog towards Bayani Road. I was so out of groove. For the next 3kms I continued to walk-jog.  

At Km21, I had to stop and check my big toe. I was feeling a little pain and I was afraid I had to go straight to Heritage Park to to bury a toenail. Fortunately, I just found a hole in my sock. Irritating but at least not a dead toenail. Yey! 

With just 15Kms to go, I was able to run at my easy run pace again. I just focused on my form and breathing. I would take walk breaks when the legs go heavy and tight.

The last 7kms of the run was pure pain. To distract myself, I settled on an equally painful line of thought. Who will I vote for Pres in May2010?  After 7kms, I decided that I don’t know enough about the candidates to decide but I am certain about one thing … I don’t think I would like Korina to be near and dear to so much power.

I finished my run at Pancake House at MKH but didn’t find my T2. Lost! Thanks Ray for sending that text for me. The next rendezvous point was the gym. I decided to walk back leisurely to the gym and enjoy the peaceful Sunday morning.

2 down and 1 to go. See you all on Sunday at NB.




6 thoughts on “RotaRun: The Short and Long of It

  1. Kitakits ulit sa Sunday Bards! Grabe 3 straight Sundays 21km tayo kakatuwa. Are you running 21km on QC or 42km? I’m sure you’re gunning 42km for Subic?

    Sunday ulit! 😀 pero hehe my 3week string is not 21-21-21 its 27-36-36. QC, yup. 39 but I think I hope to amble and stroll for 3.195km to make it to the finish.

  2. i was supposed to run 32K last sunday but due to the short distance of the 21K race, i removed my wet shoes and just hang-out with my elite team. bawi na lang next time for my long run!

  3. cecil – 😀

    Coach – i’m still … alive, alert, awake, enthusiastic. but in pain … hahaha … need to stretch more.

    BR – Hay lucky you! One more week then I can rest a bit. cut back week. see you on sunday!

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