Eco Dash:ing to the Finish

Join all half marathons this month and just add km to meet our long run goals. A great plan! It is easier to run on pace when there are other people around. No need to worry about hydration. Plus the roads will be closed for runners. Today marked the first of the 3 Half Marathons we have signed up for.

Everything went according to plan at today’s race. I was hitting my goal pace throughout the race. Not breathless, not dying. I was tagging along the group of TeamBR classmates, Jan, Jonas and Randy, but dropped back when they started pushing the pace. Good thing Takbo Bayani ka-pace, Allan, showed up and we ran most of the race together.

I loved the weather. The rain didn’t bother me because I just kept thinking that its keeping me cool and letting me go fast without getting too taxed. Didn’t like the potholes and puddles very much.

I saw a lot of runner friends along they way and enjoyed cheering for them.

I didn’t like dodging cars along Bayani and towards Heritage though. Oh Marshal, Marshal, where art thou?

Fastforward to the last 400m

As I turned towards BHS, I saw BR. When he saw me, he started cheering “Go! Go!” I’m no soldier, but something clicked and I went on autopilot and started sprinting.

Of course, my mind and body started protesting. I can only sprint for 100m. Not after 20kms. Oh-oh-ouch-ouch!

I had to dig deeper. Find a happy thought. Anything I could hang on to. All for a strong finish. I latched on an image to give me the push.


Last night, I was at Krispy Kreme. Free wifi and of course the doughnuts. After I finished my post, I packed my junk and left. As I was walking towards the gym, I thought, “My bag feels lighter.” I looked inside. CRAP! And ran my fastest 100m.

I left my laptop at Krispy Kreme! (probably another side effect of running 15K on the treadmill or a truly Masters Golden moment.)

Luckily, my overfatigued guardian angel kept watch. It was still there when I got back.

Back to 400m to the finish line

I imagined myself running back to Krispy Kreme. My laptop on the table. 101 goons reaching for it.


Salamat BR!
the end – 

P.T. (Pahabol na takbo)

Ran additional 6km at uber slow pace to complete my goal distance.

See you at Rota Run next week!


7 thoughts on “Eco Dash:ing to the Finish

  1. Bards! PR! PR! PR! Please read my blog! You are my inspiration in running eh (remember, from couch potato to 5K!)

    😀 😀 😀

    congratulations! im so happy for you. on to the 10Ks. yihee!

  2. i like the post, yep, wasn’t able to run as i was out of town but will see you at rota and nb, BEEP-BEEP =)

    hope to see you. basta, if i see a blur, i will start cheering.

  3. it was nice seeing you running that fast on the last 400 meters before the finish line! ala-speed training at the ULTRA! hehehe! see you next sunday!

    thanks BR. that last 400m was fun! see you sunday!

  4. nice post and extra km pa. btw mari you realy miss the 21k because the 3rd placer kayang kaya mo yun.
    bards, 39k? NY na…

    coach … now hindi ka na ma-edit out. but 36-36 muna then 39. 42. tapos NY na. 😀

  5. congratz bards on the run and thank you so much. see you soon. 🙂

    congrats sa first half marathon mo let! see you sa next race!

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