Mommy Milkshake Marathon : 3 : Reasons to Celebrate

Mommy Milkshake Marathon will always be special for me. It’s the first road race I joined and I consider it my running anniversary. 

This year it’s extra special. Kuya and my nephew, Joshua, will be joining me in the race. It will be my Kuya’s Birthday run and Josh’s first road race. 

This is us after they picked me up at 6am. And then horror of horrors, we turned left from my street and we were stuck in traffic.

with Kuya and Josh before we got stuck in traffic

6:05 – *ninuninu* We were not moving.

6:12 – Yey, its moving! We advanced by 2 meters. *stress*

6:20 – I was starting to panic. I didn’t want to miss the race. Josh woke up so early and was eager to race. It will be such a heartbreak if we miss it. Where is Mar Roxas when you need him to fix the traffic? 😀

6:25 – I frantically texted Mesh, Vicky and Kristine to ask them to get our race bibs.

6:28 – Got out of the car to find out what was happening. There is a Motorcade! At 6am?!? Argh!!! 

6:32 – Motorcade done and we were finally on our way to BHS.

We got our bibs from Mesh *thanks!* and got ready to roll.

I was planning on doing a 5K time trial but when I saw that  Kuya and Josh registered for 5K also I revised my plan. I can do time trial another day. It would be more fun to run with them.

At the starting line, I still had time to catch up with friends in their pink glory. Ting’s Lil Boo outpinked us all with her glittery pink racebelt. 

in pink1
Mesh, Boo and Ting, Anna, Kathy and Vicky
running birthday
HalfIronMesh and Bananarunning - It's our Running Birthday! Oh and in case some of you are still confused ... It's Mesh - the one on the left - who did the Half Iron Man. I can't/don't - and maybe even won't - swim and bike.

Before the race started, Kuya and I got worried about Josh. He told his dad that he had a stomachache. He was very pale and his hands were cold. Kuya was very calm and asking him about his pain. I was already running down all the symptoms in my head to figure out what was wrong with him. Kuya gave him gum while I searched for water. Kathy gave me a pastry and I handed it to Josh.

While he was nibbling on the pastry, Kuya asked him if he was nervous about the race. Josh nodded. And I smiled, performance anxiety! My goodness, it runs in the family! Kuya and I told him to just enjoy the race and it’s okay to walk if he is tired. I told him also that before every race I always feel very sick and my hands and nose gets very cold.  

After a few more minutes, his color was normal again and he was eager to start. He sprinted at the start. I was looking forward to a very easy run but dear nephew had another plan. He made me do fartleks.


run Josh run

When we were approaching the turnaround point, Kuya and I realised that he was the youngest runner in the 5K. Josh never gave up and let up during the race. He took walk breaks and made up for it by running strides. To keep him motivated, I pointed to Kathy and Vicky who were walking behind us and told him that they were trying to catch up with him. Turns out, just like every other boy, Josh didn’t want to be chicked. He would walk, look back and sprint ahead whenever he sees Kathy and Vicky. 

run josh run
determined to outrun Kathy and Vicky


kuya and josh
last stretch and still going strong

We had a great time last Saturday. It was another great Mommy Milkshake Marathon. Congratulations and see you all next year at MMM4!


16 thoughts on “Mommy Milkshake Marathon : 3 : Reasons to Celebrate

  1. sirAmado – hahaha thanks sir. i think you see my mental age shining through. Forever21.

    ey Joe! ya it was fun. but the Masters was way better. will write it up tomorrow.

  2. Hey it was nice meeting your nephew and kuya! Thanks to your suggestion, Pat did his tune up 3k at Mommy Milkshake 🙂

    wow patrick is gearing up and getting ready. pero wag ka payag na mas mabilis sya sa you sa 1miler. hehe

    1. I think my boy, if he put more time and effort in his running, could beat me any time of the day. But alas, the academe is where his devotion lies. :p

      One mile? Ah. No. 😀 Hell no.

      Sa academe lang? 😉

  3. i had fun meeting people and chatting and hanging out 🙂 and i LOVE the NIVEA goodie bag 😉

    I regret wearing jogging pants (i never wear those for running… the less clothes on me, the better) kaso lang i was cols when I woke up – coz of the rain – tapos when we ran, it was hot na :p

    i also loved that 99% of the participants really wore pink 😉

    i was looking for you at the starting line kaso Josh biglang nagfeeling sick tapos di kita nakita. hmm….must be because naka stealth mode ka in your jogging pants 😀 it was hot specially at the turn around. ang daming pink … did you see the guy in pink shorts? 🙂

  4. uhm, you said hello to me, remember? while we were running! haha! twice pa nga eh :p

    u saw Marvin ba? all pink! (shirt, shorts and socks!) <— sobra. outpinked niya lahat. gusto ko rin yung pink polkadotted socks nung isang girl

    i know… ni cheer/asar pa kita hehehe. pero di ako nakachika sa starting line.

    sa new balance you have to run faster baka ma-overtake ka na ni Josh. hehehe

  5. Happy Anniversary Bards! Really sad to miss MMM again. Lagi na lang may aksidente before the Mommy Milksshake. Nakakapikon na talaga. How old is Josh? Bata pa, competitive na. Mana sa auntie?

    Bards, wala bang nagcomplain sa Masters Run? 35+ lang ang pwedeng mag join don.
    How come you’re there?

    1. thanks nora! it is a great event talaga. dont worry im sure meron ulit next year.

      josh is 8 na. baliw si kuya, kasi nireg for 5K haha. Mas competitive sya than me, i think. But my 9 year old niece is faster pa than him. I’d better not tell him. or may i should register them in a race together hhaha

      Being at Masters … hahaha. I love you Nora. But apparently you qualify based on calendar years and not mental age. 😀 if its mental age, i’d forever be asking for parental consent.

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