I had a good run last night. When I got home, the legs were dead. I stretched and did my leg drain but it wasn’t enough. My left plantar fascia was tight and that’s the last thing I need now.

So, I started browsing for some self-massages and start my campaign against plantar fasciitis. I found these videos of Rich Poley in Youtube. The self-massage he uploaded in YouTube are all part of his book “Self-Massage for Athletes“. 

The music is slightly cheesy and don’t get me started on the cover of his book. This is truly a case of don’t judge a book by its cover. But the self-massages were soothing specially the ones for the feet. Heaven!

Here are the basics as summarised in a Runner’s World article:

1. Gliding: With your hand open and fingers relaxed, glide over your legs. Start at your feet and work up. Do 10 strokes on each leg, hitting your calves, shins, quads, hamstrings. Vary the intensity–start light, then dig in with the palm of your hand, moving in circles toward your core.

2. Pressing: Start by squeezing each toe, then squeeze your Achilles tendon a few times. As you work up your leg, intensify the pressure on tougher muscles like your calves and quads. Squeeze your muscles with one or both hands, or press into them with your fist or elbow.

3. Drumming: Use the palm of your open hand, the side of your hand (like a karate chop), or make a fist to drum your way up your leg. It’s a stimulating stroke that can ease cramped muscles. Vary your intensity and velocity, but don’t get carried away and bruise yourself.

Glide, press and drum away!


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