Registered. Set. Race!


I went to BHS earlier today and registered for 3 Half Marathons and a 10miler. September is going to be so much fun.

And to you K, thanks for coming up with this wonderful idea!  😀

Oh and the singlets … ALL UGLY!


8 thoughts on “Registered. Set. Race!

  1. plan to join those races too but i need to know my call center sked that it doesn’t get in the way of these races using these races as practice for the qc international marathon see at the finish line!

    aha! a fellow baliw! hope your sched works out. see ya!

  2. Wow! fully loaded! Marami-raming carbo-loading yan, hehehe. See you at the races!

    oh! you are sooo right! carboloading time! Manang, extra rice please.

  3. Waaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!! I was coerced! I was hypnotized! I was used!!!! hahaha I am crazy…

    Crazy … is a given. Pero di ba we agreed that this is your plan 😀

  4. that is what i am talking about mel,ooops,brad este bernadette pala.if september is fun and crazy,wait until october.that’s where i want to see you run with me.and you are running the masters 15k pa! don’t be shy,you are a master!

    October should be fun for your guys. I will sit and watch … maybe. See you sunday at the Master’s!

  5. mel, ay cno?
    sir jonel nga pala.
    you are right in your way of thinking. for me, running are so adicting. you will find yourself doing it again and again. training, training……injured? rice? PRICED training marathon long run. isa pa…. san me takbo. dami now takbo.
    see you at the masters 15k run.

    minsan Coach, i think i love training more. and then race day … panic time! see you on Sunday. I think im calling it a tempo run again.

  6. eeeppp! you got me all excited all over again!

    YES! SEPT will be AWESOME!

    1. MMM
    2. Eco-Dash
    3. RotaRun
    4. New Balance Run

    see you ON RACE DAY(s)!!! 😀

    See you on Saturday … tapos all the weekend of September hahaha I think I went overboard with all these Half Marathons.

  7. all singlets are ugly? hahahaha

    bards, i’ll run one full marathon with you on oct, game?

    mwahaha run a Full with you? Scary. I think at the most I can keep up with you for hmm 2kms <— and im being very optimistic here. 😀

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