MeKennied as Melvin

I ran the Urbanite race last Saturday, promise! It was not a dream sequence. Unfortunately, my name is not on the official results. Sadness! And before you ask … yes, I placed the chip on my shoe. It wasn’t pinned to my bib. I also heard the beep every time I stepped on the mat.

I just got home. 

Found my race bib. Yey! There is hope for the flowers!


Race Bib Number recorded in the official results!

Snapshot 2009-08-18 23-46-17


Melvin Pangan?!?

Haha! Did a vanity search on Melvin and saw his latest race results. One fast dude! Sorry Melvin, I somehow messed up your running times. Had I known that my time would register under your name I would have pushed harder. Your friends can now say that you run like a girl!

Mystery solved, organisers messed up with the encoding of timing chips. Suggestion lang po … when we got our race packs at the SG Marathon, they scanned the timing chips also the make sure that they are working and to verify the information. 

It’s late and I don’t have energy to be upset. Will the system ever get fixed or will some of us forever be a statistic as victims of glitch in the system?

On to the next race folks. 

* * *


I knew that given the route, a PR would not be easy. I was just hoping for a course PR. Unfortunately, I was not able to match my Happy Run time of  1:31:27. 

What worked:

It was cooler and it helped me maintain a faster pace. 

Since it was dark, I just focused on the feet of the runners in front of me and tried to follow their steps to avoid potholes and cracks and matched their cadence to keep me going. 

Resting and staying off my feet the whole day helped to keep my legs fresh.

Having a wider variety of pre race meal options. For morning races, I can only stomach a banana or choco mucho or cookies. But for this race, I was munching on chips and turon. It was  a happier pre-race meal.

Getting encouragement from friends. It was dark but we were still able to cheer and encourage friends. It was nice. Salamat!

Going for the kill. Nakup! I don’t want to see my photovendo picture. I was about 100m from the finishline and I could see that the timer was at 1:32sumthing. I pushed and pushed hoping to step on the mat before it hit 1:33. 

What didn’t work:

Going out too fast. I was just behind the Hardcores when the race started and I ended up going out too fast. I immediately corrected my pace knowing that I would suffer at MKH if I didn’t pace myself well.

As expected, some parts of the route was so dark especially inside the Heritage Park. 

Last. I would like to thank the ladies who allowed me to jump the queue in the ladies room a few minutes before the race started. Salamat sa inyong lahat! I was so ready to grovel! I hope you all had a great race and that you are all girls in the race results.


7 thoughts on “MeKennied as Melvin

  1. mel,
    hi mowning. ok lang yan, training lang yan next time me result kana. long run lang yan.
    *c melvin ay taga Aboitiz Shipping, a close friend of BR.

    pag minsan Coach mas okay pa rin yung old style na clicker.

    wait! long run?!? … Coach naman 6:07 pace. Long tempo naman.

  2. hi, mel…of all the runners, ikaw pa ang tinamaan ng maling result..anyway, melvin is a fast runner & ultrarunner who is a friend of mine & had been supportive to my project donate a shoe. this is just a part of the learning process for the race organizers with the hope that they will improve i their future races.

    haha. i’ve so many boy names now. brad. melvin. and yes, i was able to find melvin in one of your blog entries. i just wish i can be as fast him next time.

  3. hiyee 🙂 me naman I find the morning runs cooler. saturday night was WARM! 😦

    i saw you running eh… 🙂

    saw your entry. its a good thing you recovered in time to do this race. i was wearing the cw-x and i had mosquito bites also. mosquitoes on steroids!

    alam mo, i think we saw you nung opening ng Runnr. but I wasnt sure … kaya di kita na hi.

  4. hi bards,

    small world. i get mixed up with one of my favorite bloggers. no problem with the time mix-up. i didn’t actually know about it until i read it in your blog.


    haha thanks mel. i was too amused by the mix-up kaya di na rin ako na upset about the results. i hope you were able to figure out your runpix data.

  5. HI… congratulations on your run. your record 1:32 is really good. Keep it up.

    I enjoyed the race as well. 🙂

    Kita kits sa mga susunod na races!!!

    hi mark, thanks for dropping by. You ran in one of the most difficult 10K routes and finished. Congratulations!!!

  6. di ba 2nd strike mo na ito as a male runner ate mel?

    korek! sorely tempted to wear a gown sa next race. Babae po ako!

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