M & M

Next weekend will be very busy for me. I’m planning to join 2 races – one on Saturday and the other one on Sunday.

Mommy Milkshake Marathon Year 3 –  Sep 5, Saturday

This is hands down the BEST race ever in Manila. This race also happens to be the very first race I joined when I started running. I celebrate my running birthday at MMM.

I think they have limited slots. Register now and join the fun.

1st Masters 15K Run – Sep 6, Sunday 

MASTERS are those runners from the age of 40 and above for the Men’s Category and for those 35 years old and above for the Women’s Category. The age categories will be grouped every 5 years of age, both for the Men’s and Women’s.

Don’t know much about the race route but this race is organised by Bald Runner Events so expect to have a wonderful time. Plus beer will be served at the finish line. 😀 And bananas, too! But Im not exactly sure if they go well together. 

See you at the races!

17 thoughts on “M & M

  1. hi bards,
    hehe, see u at the starting line of the m&m. 3ms may be a good double race for you. chose which are the best effort to run 100% intensity.
    watch out, i’m counting on you (podium).

    coach, nego. Time trial na lang. 😉

  2. Hi Bards!

    It was nice to see/speak with you before the night race.

    The 1st Masters Run has a nice ring (or air) to it, I hope I can join that too. Come to think of it, I am the only one in my group that’s “qualified” or “long in the tooth”

    hope you had a good race. didnt see you after. it was a hard race for me. I was seeing stars after i crossed the finish line. good thing i found mesh who gave me her powerade.

    tara! Master’s na!!!


  3. Oh shoot! Oh well. I’ll just have MILK at the Mommy Milkshake Marathon. Bards! Patrick’s running in a peeenk shirt! 😀

    tell him extra points if he wears pink shorts. is mommy running?

  4. Beer and bananas Bards? Well, there’s always a first time. I hope my bone fracture is completely healed by that time. Love to join this.

    i really hope to see you at this race Nora. Get well … quickly!

  5. Hi ,

    Some of the guys from HC will be manning the beer station. Unfortunately Im still below 40 so I wont be able to join the race. Hopefully we dont get to finish the beer before you guys finish the race. haha See you!

    🙂 Aba! We now have the motivation to run PRs at this race. we gotta protect our beer!”

  6. yay! BR agreed for me to guzzle up some booze so long as i help volunteer. 😀

    i knew it! for the love of beer dont finish the … 18 cases ba? tirahan nyo kami!

  7. all hc minors will man the station and drink the beer.in short,mga bantay-salakay.it is going to be the hardcore “aid” station like you’ve never seen.

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