Urbanite Run: Night Run Tips


I took this picture yesterday along Bayani Road. This is just one of part of the route which I expect will be dark. I hope that Finish Line and Kenny Roger’s provide us with enough marshals and lights … please.

I signed up for the 15K. Yes, the race which will have us running roughly 2K inside Heritage Park. I expect that for most of us this will be the fastest race segment. 😀

For this race, I’d recommend wearing a light colored top preferably with reflectorized details. It will be easier to spot and avoid us. Last thing we need in this race is human pileup. I wish I had a headlamp because it would definitely make things easier.

If you still have time, do a drive-by of the route tonight or on Friday. When the sun sets, Lawton, Bayani and Heritage is a whole new world.

Try to take it easy on Saturday and stay off your feet as much as possible. Unlike early morning races, we do not have the luxury of a full night’s sleep. 

Lastly, don’t forget to bring your Eat and Donate stub.

Will I be racing or taking it easy? I will be wearing Newtons and taking a couple of Roctanes with me but my pace will be dictated by how safe the route will be for runners.

See you all on Saturday and let’s all stay safe.


7 thoughts on “Urbanite Run: Night Run Tips

  1. nice reminder for the urbanite runners. you are right, bayani road is too dark & the road towards heritage park is not smooth & also dark, too! i suggest, runners would bring also those slim mini-maglite hand flashlight for added source of light. i hope the water stations will have lights, too! since i will not run in this race, i will discretely be looking for those suspected “bukas kotse gang” members who pose as runners.

    ingat BR ha.

  2. Hmm, preparing for the Subic IM are we? I read a blogger’s account of the Singapore Sundowner earlier this year and how the humidity was so much higher at night compared to running a marathon in the tropics at dawn.

    😀 nope. chika ka sa yo at the Masters run.

  3. Hi,

    I got a headlamp at Handyman for 200 something. Lotus brand.

    Thanks for the tips!

    will checkout handyman later. nice meeting you and the wife yesterday! good luck sa atin.

  4. Hello,

    Thanks for sharing your reminders for night running. Yup, I hope hubby stays with me while running inside Heritage Park. =)

    Nice to meet you too yesterday.

    Hi Rachel! hehe Im sure he will. Unless you run too fast for him. Girl Power!

  5. Thanks for the reminders. It helps a lot… The night run pace should really be dictated by how safe the road is. We should also take good note of the uneven road going down the Bayani Road to Heritage. While head lamp helps to light us up, it’s not a convenient thing on the head. I hope the Organizers would add some artificial lighting to the dark spots.

    thanks for the visit mar. i was thinking, a headlamp might not be too flattering sa pix. 😉 i am hoping that we will have a well lit route tomorrow. otherwise chummy chummy run na lang.

  6. a head lamp would be nice… but it’s not a very comfortable thing to put on ones head while running. if you must bring some lighting, may i suggest a small led flashlight or tac light instead? used one for the botak 100, and it was enough to illuminate a few meters of road. 🙂

    thanks charles. hay! i still havent figured out what to get. will do some panic buying tomorrow.

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