these are a few of my favorite things

We were at the grand opening of Runnr and it was a treat!!!

It was like being let loose inside National Bookstore overnight  (now just my 2nd most favorite store) but 10x better.

Each nook and cranny had something that needed to be examined and drooled over. These are some of the things we just see inside Runner’s World and they are now inside one store. 

I still remembered how we would passby this store when it was still being constructed. We would wonder and speculate what we would find inside. Then the day of their soft opening finally arrived, June 12. I sat on a bench where I could see the door of Runnr. I tried not to look too excited. I was patiently waiting for them to take down the brown paper covering the store. I was able to resist knocking on the door to have a peek. I waited and waited … it was finally time to go home and they still didn’t open.

Then … finally it opened one rainy Friday evening. Nothing could of course keep us away from the Runnr’s Grand Opening.

Here are some of my favorite finds …

GU ROCTANE. Please Runnr make sure you never run out. Make you sure you order enough especially when a big race is on sched.



RUNNING SHADES. A good selection of brands and models to choose from. They are pricey ... *sigh* i have to log a few more kms to get one of these for my treat.











RUNNING BOOKS. This is just one of the books on running available at Runnr. I do most of my research online but reading from a book is always nice.
PHITEN. A curious product line. Interesting pitch. Rona swears by it. Very curious ...
Customised Insoles. Revolutionary!!! I don't use insoles but a few friends do and I'm sure this will help a few runners little aches and pains. Not cheap either but I think it's good investment if you want to run for a long long time. Oh ... don't forget to consult your doctor first.


RUNNING CLOTHES. Nike, Adidas, CW-X ... ayayay! You name it, they have it and the latest designs too! This long bra ... I Like!
NATHAN. It's finally here... option to get 2 or 4 flasks. Please Runnr Please. Include Pink Nathan in your stock. Oh and please please can you sell extra flasks?
See !!! Speed II comes in pink. just NOT YET availabe at Runnr. *hint hint* Ting … your pink nathans are not yet safe from me. mwahaha

11 thoughts on “these are a few of my favorite things

  1. Booooooksssss. Im glad they have a nice collection of books. Im thinking of getting one soon. Pagkatapos ko basahin yung isa rin dito sa bahay.

    nice di ba 🙂

  2. Those are, er, brassieres? If somebody ran in them with nothing else on I would not have known he he. The Nathan Speed models do not come in pink though, just dull grays and blues. What you can do is dye your sport drink pink, or use the red Gatorade flavour. It came out as dark pink in my race pic.

    yup. thats how they are called 😀 at may pink nathans …

  3. this store is better than phidippides in LA because of their gait analyzer & newton. one of these days, i’ll buy their red newton. i’ve observed newton had improved the heel part of their newer versions. nice to know you are back! see you at ULTRA!

    mas makapal yung sole ng trainers nila now. i’ll be back at Ultra tom for some drills. See you BR!

  4. Oh, I see, they just have the pink in the two-flask, half-litre configuration though — 10 miles, tops 🙂

    nice di ba? i have the speed4 but i rarely bring 4 flasks … too heavy

  5. except for my Asics I dont buy other running gears( i still run wearing cotton shirts, chug bottle as my hrydration etc..) BUT I do enjoy visiting RUNR store… kahit di ako bibili. hhehehhe

    korek. ako rin … paikot-ikot, patingin tingin. at naakiki-usyoso sa mga nag pa-gait analysis hehe

  6. maybe u can add another page(beside banana spills) where u can record your time on each race and name it Banana splits…parang time splits. sorry ha na nge-ngelam pa ako sa blog mo. 🙂

    Pwede! 😀

  7. Jack Daniels?

    Can you trust a book written by someone with the same name as that of a super fine whiskey brand? Hehe. I kid

  8. Hi Bards!

    The Speed II (pink version) fits you and Ting 😉 (how come the flask tips are yellow?)

    See you on the road!

  9. Hi Bards, So like the pink top, too! Got it na. Get ka na daliiii! 🙂

    By the way, this is Mariel not JunC ha? hehe

    😀 nyahahaha JunC in the pink top would really be a classic PhotoVendo moment.

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