Reach Fun Run: My Race Strategy


I don’t know why but turns out I will do a tempo first and then do the doughnut run.

Race Strategy:

1. Finish the tempo run before gun time.

2. Get to the Starting Line and position myself  near the Elites para magpaPicturePicture.

3. Pace

Option1 : When they fire the starting gun, I will hold my breath, exhale and then just walk the 2.5km loop. Maybe I should bring a dog and blame my pace on the dog. Maybe a cat, mas tamad sila. Or a fish … di tumatakbo. Hmmm.

Option 2: Go all out. I expect favorable racing conditions. It’s going to be a flat course and accuweather is predicting 7am to be party cloudy with humidity at 94. Mahirap na maubusan ng doughtnut.

4. When I’m about to approach the Challenge Area, I will make sure that I will have eye contact with person serving the doughnut. This will ensure that she will ready for me by the time I reach her table. I will grab the doughnut and start eating.

5. I will keep my strategy for eating 4 doughnuts secret first. I think this is the key to winning the race.

6. Finish 4 doughnuts … then as planned I will continue sitting and smiling. Happy to have my first DNF!

See you guys tomorrow!

Let’s have a lot fun, a bit of run and do a bit of charity!


11 thoughts on “Reach Fun Run: My Race Strategy

  1. Hahahaha wag kang swapang sa donat mo!!!!! hahahaha Bards baliw ka talaga! But I will watch you execute your race strategy and even take pictures (if i remember to bring my camera) mwahaha

  2. …btw, TEMPO??!?!?! Ano ba!!!!!!

    keti … look into my eyes and say “I love Tempo! I will do Tempo!” >:)

  3. Ei Bards congrats again for another PR ! Missed all of you last Sunday late kasi nagparegister so just ran in UP para di mainggit ha ha..

    we were wondering nga kung asan ka. hope to see you sa Globe run.

  4. When stuffing the doughnuts into your gullet make sure to employ the “Kobayashi shake”, a technique patented by the six-time world competitive eating champ 🙂

    ang hirap!!!

  5. Go Bards. Kainin mo na parang galit ka sa donuts. Grabe. Career na talaga. It’s not often you make a blog on a plan for a race.

    topak lang po. i am actually planning to do pa a race org analysis and pace review mwahahaha

  6. nice “rest & recovery” run! lots of sugar & carbo! hehehe! go for your new PR—the number of donuts eaten in one sitting!!!!

    ang hirap pala BR. pero naku, si Mari pati sa doughnut eating Halimaw!

  7. I didn’t join buddy run – but i totally regret it! 😦

    will join RUN FOR HOME 🙂
    ay sayang. i saw the loot bag. panalo! hope to see you sa run for home. 🙂

  8. Hi Bards,

    While researching running a long time ago I found BR (the best inspirational site to motivate me). I am a filipino, born and raised in the states, and would like to donate a pair of running shoes and race entry to someone in the PI. I could also pay for your entry if you can find someone that deserves them. Maybe a contest on your site? Please let me know If you are interested. I will stay totally anonymous and donate them on behalf of banarunning . I can purchase the shoes at the running shop of your choice and pay for 2 entries for a 10k. Happy running! You can delete this post, I could not find your contact email.

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