Milo Manila Elims: A Fool to do a Full

“I don’t want to do this ever again.”

This was the unbidden thought that sneaked  up on me somewhere along Roxas Blvd. Not exactly a key ingredient to a triumphant and fierce finish.

To be continued…


19 thoughts on “Milo Manila Elims: A Fool to do a Full

  1. haha what a teaser for the full account

    ey great minds think alike eh. i wrote the teaser and then i saw your entry. haha now if i can channel your speed.

  2. Hi Bards. That thought has crossed my mind near the end of each of my 20 marathons. Yet, there seems to be another one down the road.

    Looking forward to the continuation….

    even at my most trying time in SG, the thought never crossed my mind. but it helped in the end. happy times.

  3. Hahaha, parang mas mahirap pa ang mag-sulat sa iyo kaysa tumakbo ng marathon. Waiting for your race recap… c’mon!

    i really didnt know how to start it … natapos din.

  4. What a pambitin 🙂 Hey I said the same thing to myself during my last race. We want more hehe 🙂

  5. Of course you want to do it again! Every long distance runner desires to run that dreaded 42 k and go past the dreaded wall.
    There’s a trick to that and only you can figure that out given your physique, priorities and commitment to that goal.
    In time you’ll get used to it.
    When i started out i just thought maybe it won’t hurt me to do a harmless 10 k. 6 years after i’ve done a hundred 10 k’s, a little less than 42 k’s and 2 ultras (a 102 and a 100) and i can’t complain. I work at nights and in mid-life and i need to have quality time with my less than a year daughter and wife too.
    But life’s been good cause i’ve spent a good amount of time for training, rest, work and family.
    So i just keep on running and learning from every experience every race has to offer you. Every race is unique even the shortcomings of both organizers and runners.
    As the saying goes, you’re only as good as your last race.
    See you round the bend!

    i agree with you. we are all work in progress.
    milo left me hungry for more more more. Raar!
    See you at the races!

  6. was this on the way back? because you looked so relaxed during the 1st few kilometers 😀

    congrats on the finish!

    thanks ulit for running with us last sunday. sa pauwi na ito joe. whew!

  7. bilis! kwento na… at matagal ka na pong baliw…long before you found yourself on the ultra-marathon road este… did i say ultra? hahaha!

    magsama kayo ni Joe! alam mo ba km 4 pa lang yata he was talking about BDM na. haha

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