but ma’am

c2I was craving for some sinigang last night. I’m so pinoy and pasta is not the way to carboload for me. I had my heart set on steaming rice swimming in sinigang soup.

I finally found some at C2. Crispy Ribs Sinigang. I ordered some for take out. Thinking that the folks might not be home yet I called the waitress back and added rice to my order. She looked  a bit hesitant and said, “But ma’am our rice is good for 2.” I smiled and said, “Perfect.” I was tempted to get 2 orders but that might give her a heart attack.

Signing off now and going to be try and chill before Milo tomorrow. I wish I could cut and paste the great weather we had this morning. But sunny, raining, thunderstorm, party cloudy, partyly sunny… ay kahit snow pa you will see me at the starting line.

T2 girls will rock and roll tomorrow.

Before I finally zonk off, special thanks to the T2 boys for their support!

Good running girls and boys!


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