Nike LunarGlide+: My New Ride

The Twins – my Wave Rider 10s – are both loaded with over 500kms already.  I needed to get new trainers. I was considering the Adidas Supernova Glide, Mizuno Wave Rider 12 and the Nike Lunar Trainer. I am familiar with the Wave Rider so I was leaning towards getting them and sticking to something familiar. But the Adidas Formotion pitch also sounded interesting. I tried on the shoe and was impressed with the cushioning and arch support. Equally interesting was Nike’s Lunar technology plus Javy even dedicated a blog entry to this shoe. It looked clunky and McDonaldish but it felt really stable. I thought that the mesh uppers would make it wobbly but it didn’t. I didn’t get to run around in it but I was seriously considering them because I felt it offers the best support for my arches. 

Sole searching is such a delightful exercise.

However, before I could make a decision, I received an invitation to test Nike’s latest running shoes – the Nike LunarGlide+. Thanks Eric!

The pitch

A shoe engineered for a woman’s foot and needs. I liked the pitch.

How was the ride?

The test run was deferred a couple of times due to bad weather. Before I got to the actual test run, I managed to log over 60kms on the Glides.

The pitch mentioned a last that is specific to woman’s foot. When I first slipped on the Glides, I was concerned that they’d be too narrow for me. It is fair to say that it was not love at first step between me and the Glides. I had my doubts about the shoe but I agreed to test it so I went for a run. After 60kms, I’m really very surprised that the fit is just right for me. So when it comes to the Glides’ last, first impression does not last. 

Bouncy.  They mentioned good cushioning. But like the other bloggers, I find the Glides too bouncy, a bit distracting. But but but … I figured if you are a new runner this might actually work for you. When I started running, I couldn’t go running for long because my feet just feels all beat up. The pounding makes you want to stop. Going back for more felt like torture. After a few kms, I found my rhythm, the bounce kinda fades into the background. 

Arch Support. I slipped on the shoe, adjusted the arch support and thought, “I like the Nlock system better.” I still do. The arch support strap is adequate but I think its positioning could be improved. I need it a bit more to the middle of my arches. 

Rides high. This is probably the one thing I don’t like about Nike trainers. They are way too high for me. I need to be a little closer to the ground. 

Heel counter was engineered to provide more support and adapt to different heels. WitchKitty who runs (really fast) on LunarTrainers mentioned that she had a problem with blisters on the ankles on this shoe. The Glides has a softer heel tab. I actually find the heel counter too roomy. I adjust the shoe laces to make it more stable.

Rounded midsoles for smother transition. I didn’t notice much difference here. What I did notice was that it is easier to maintain a midfoot landing on this shoe. The Glides makes it easier to channel Paula (land with feet pointed downwards) .

No stitch overlays. Nice. But i wish it had an extra overlay for extra support on my pinkie toes. Maybe in the next generation of the Lunar.

Speaking of next gen … it might not be a good idea to get attached to this pair. Unlike Mizuno and New Balance, the Lunar technology has changed drastically and the previous one is nothing like the LunarGlide+. The next gen might be totally different shoe without the features you liked. You can of course always start hoarding … but at Php5990ish price its going to be a pricey move.

Outer sole. Looks a bit more durable than Mizuno outer soles. We will see …

Durability. I have logged under 100kms on the Glides. Let’s see how many kms we can log on this pair.

The Verdict

It was not love at first run. But check out my shoes at the test run. Yup, I was wearing the grubbiest pair.

Nike LunarGlide+

After running tempo, long, easy and interval on the Glides, I am satisfied with it’s overall fit, cushioning and arch support . I am pleased to say that I found my new trainers. Well, I need to wash them first, then we start training again.

How about for races? Ahh … for races, I’m sticking to my Newtons.

Update 13Aug2009: I ran my first of many 32km LSD for the Nov marathon last night. After a total of 166kms, I’m officially in love with the LunarGlide. Great support and cushioning. Seriously considering now if I should use this in November or stick to my Mizuno Wave Precision9. I have a few more months to decide.



7 thoughts on “Nike LunarGlide+: My New Ride

  1. Because you always race the race. Go girl!
    These are good trainers, yes, I hope they will offer some kind of racing flats in the near future. Good to see you Bards, take care.

  2. i think i am cursed! every time NIKE conducts a test run of their new products, i am always out of the country. i really envy you and the other guys!

  3. Vener – lunar racing flats. that would be a really nice. break more PR on Sunday. Goodluck!

    BR – sayang talaga BR. but then again your new shoes are also very nice.

    Vimz – oo nga eh. umabot din before the shoe is released. now sing with me again, “Im getting ready, getting ready …”

  4. I’m glad that the nike lunarglide+ fits you perfectly… unfortunately for me, the lunar series was not meant for heavier runners (or should I say joggers, hehe) like myself.

    Maybe when I get lighter, that would be the time I’ll wear them again.

    Plus my other complaint about Nike’s shoes here in the Philippines, they don’t have half sizes after 11… 11.5 pa naman ako, and either the 12 is too big or the 11 is too small for me.

    But my new love right now is the Nike Zoom Start+. Sarap sa paa… when I placed them on, my feet felt like they were in heaven. Hehehe

  5. This post was incredibly insightful and extremely detailed. I’m nowhere near a runner, but I learned a lot about how to analyze the performance and feel of running shoes. Great read!

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