Saturday of 2 Johnny’s, a little bit of heat and a medal

GU so good. When you find someone selling Gu one week before a marathon, you know your day is going to start on a good note. I met up with Johnny early this morning to get my stash – one box of my favorite vanilla bean. He sold it at Php1280 per box. Cheap. Sorry folks, it’s sold out na. Click here to checkout his blog for updates. 


Heat Training. Those who can’t run as fast just trains to endure the elements. Next Sunday’s run will without a doubt start on time. But even with the 430am gun time, I can still see myself battling traffic and glorious morning sun before I cross the finish line. To prepare for next Sunday, we started running at 8:30am today. It was hot but a bit windy. Great day for strolling on tree lined streets. That’s what we ended up doing. I think the plan tomorrow is to try running up and down Roxas Blvd. We are familiar with the route around The Fort area but Roxas will be a relatively unfamiliar area. I may have an evil plan or two for the TinS. Shhh…

Garmin is Alive. When my charger died a few weeks ago, I ended up with a very nice 405 paperweight. Thanks to my Ate Ann, I can use my garmin again to its full potential. The replacement charger I ordered finally arrived today. Yey!  

Thanks Ate Ann!

 I picked the package from Johnny Air cargo at Megamall. Speaking of Johnny Air, I saw a sign that says you can have your goods delivered to their US address and they can ship it to your Philippines address. I think this is a cheaper shipping option for us. 

Back to the Garmin, I’m super excited to run tomorrow. I miss my virtual run partner. I’m also curious to see what is the “easy” pace that Keti and I have been doing lately.

The Medal. The medal story starts with two fast runners. There are 2 female runners I’m always drafting at races … Candy Lee and Bernadette Tan. I don’t know them personally but I always see them so I wave and say hi when I see them at practice runs and at turnaround points. Oh and  yes … I know their finish times too. 🙂 

Last week, at FF Fort Shiela introduced me to them. After a bit of chika, Bern or was it Candy mentioned that they were able to claim their Botak medal and prize money. Candy finished 3rd in her age category and Bern finished 2nd in our age category. Based on the race results, I came in 3rd in our age category.

Curious and excited with the possibility of getting a medal, I asked how they were able  to get it. Candy gave me the number of Franco Atienza of Botak. I texted Franco to check if I could still get the medal and maybe the prize too. I still feel bad about missing out on the Krispy Kreme GC from Airspeed. He texted back and said that I can go to their office and pick it up. Yey n Wow! A medal for a marathon. Never mind the finish time. 

I went this morning to the Botak office in QC. Franco Atienza and Rowena Viesta (Chief Accountant) released my medal and Php1000 prize money. 

As I was leaving their office, Franco introduced me to Mr Cesar Guarin. I wished them both luck for tomorrow’s 100km race and left with a silly grin. I have a marathon medal and it’s not just a finisher’s medal. Woohoo!

at botak



9 thoughts on “Saturday of 2 Johnny’s, a little bit of heat and a medal

  1. Congrats Typing Maniac … hahaha and seriously good luck and see you at Milo am sure you’ll do well – your runs show your no slouch with your preparation.

    can you please stop playing typing maniac, hanggang dun pa naman nagPR ka pa rin haha. goodluck and see you at Milo.

  2. Now I know what typing maniac is!!! I saw my son playing it and it got my wife hooked too! Good luck with Milo. I am sure you will do well and have more fun this time. See you at the starting line!

    I beat Mari’s PR…sa typing maniac nga lang. See you at the starting line Jay. Goodluck to you also. This is it!!!

  3. hey good luck batgirl! and congratulations on your 3rd place finish sa botak marathon! woohoo!!!

    galing the johnny air option! i should try that for my future orders

    thanks!!! oh and i checked … it was 14usd to send the charger here. if i had it shipped to johnny air in NY, it would have been 11usd only to ship to Manila. but ate ann paid, so thats the cheaper option pa rin for me haha you gotta love your siblings.

  4. Thanks for the free advertising Bards. Good luck with your Milo run. Will be rooting for you!!

    hehe dont forget, next shipment Roctane!!!!! Goodluck also on your next race. No more cramming!

  5. Congratulations on the medal, WTG 🙂 Nice that your 405 is up and running again. Actually Johnny Air has had that option for quite awhile, makes buying stuff online a whole lot easier for us 🙂

    ey waiting for your Botak post na.

  6. Greetings Banana Running!

    WE congratulate you for achieving third place in your age group on your last marathon. WE bid you good luck on your next marathon.

    Run Strong and Prosper!

    haha slightly freaky but love the slant. welcome to our world! see you at Milo.

  7. that is the best option.. to use Johnny air for Internet/international purchases. If you are gonna use the express delivery of US Postal or DHL you will be charged addtl 27% for taxes.

    hay! online shopping just became soo much easier. not good.

  8. hi,

    heard you called interested in our fun run. i am the organizer of the event. our company is called activated plus. thanks for your support. we hope to see you and your friends at our event. if you’re not able to call you may also write to or you can reach me on my mobile number 09228001308 or mobile landline 9852540. thanks again. god bless you.

    – Chris Aguilar

    good luck and see you on jul 11!

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