Men’s Health All-Terrain Race: Hitting the Trail Again

They said : It’s a newly opened trail. 85% of the route will be trail. Relatively flat. Good for beginners. You have 3sumthing hours to complete the course.

I thought : Interesting…

Looking back, I don’t know how I got from being mildly interested to actually signing up to do another trail race. Dehydrated na naman.

Then last Friday, somewhere around Km 29 and 30, I started thinking about Sta. Elena and the pictures of Men’s Health ATR and I started leaping and bounding over puddles, roots and lubak along McKinley. It was past 11am and I was getting strange looks from the cars passing by. I didn’t care, I was suddenly excited to hit the trail again.

I’m looking forward now to Sta. Elena. Will I test my limit or easy run with picture-picture on the side? I still haven’t decided. I’m still anxious about trail running but I’m eager to spring from one foot to the other and jump over puddles, rocks etc. Well, maybe not up and over a cow. 

Oh no! I think I’ve been bitten by the trail running bug.


Visit Vimz’s blog (KulitRunner) for complete details about the race.


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