Mizuno Infinity Run 2009: Time Trial on Trial

Update 20090609 11:23: In the spirit of Mizuno … Never Settle. Wagi! Girls and Boys … check again later the Mizuno 15K finish times at http://www.mizuno.ph. It will be updated and corrected! Yey!

Did you enjoy yesterday’s race? I sure did. 

I microblogged that it was a classic Biscocho race, Flawless. Even the weather cooperated,  Accuweather predicted rain from 6-7am but the sky held out and gave us an overcast morning.

After the race, I was saying that Mizuno has finally redeemed itself. The curse has been lifted. 

Then I saw the results this morning … ta-da-da-dant. NOT AGAIN! 

I immediately sent an email to MrB. 

* * *

In a message dated 6/8/2009 10:43:46 A.M. Taipei Standard Time, bananarunning@ writes: 

hi sir, 

thanks. got it. 

im just looking at the results. sir parang may error. i know i finished around 1hr27min – 1hr28min but my recorded time was 

251    690 Bernadette Bathan      36 F 1:31:03  6:05 

tapos if you look at the results… there is a big gap between 179th and 180th runner. no recorded time or no runner crossed the finish line from 1:24:42 to 1:28:02? 

179    939 Magno Rafael Gabotero  33 M 1:24:42  5:39 

180    452 Jun-Jun Andallo        28 M 1:28:02  5:5 

hope you can find the missing 3mins. 




So I waited and waited for a reply to my email. Around mid-afternoon, I got a text. The results are out … unadjusted. 

What’s a girl to do?


I would like to thank Mizuno Infinity Run 2009 for a great 15km run this afternoon. The mix up fueled my 15km run and I even inserted 5 hill repeats and 3×100 strides. Not sure if V, K and T are as thankful. Thanks for running with me girls! 

When I got home, I found this waiting in my Inbox.

From: “RBiscocho@” <RBiscocho@> 

To: bananarunning@

Sent: Monday, 8 June, 2009 10:13:11 PM 

Subject: Re: Fw: 10K Results 

Hi Bernadette,


I apologize I was not able to get back to you sooner. Your observation is correct and I thank you for bringing it to my attention. Analyzing  the density in the arrival  of runners before and after the times in question a problem with the timer switch might have occur between 1:24:42 and 1:28:02. This resulted with finishers  not getting their time. When the timer resume receiving signal from the switch these  times were align to finishers including those whose times were missed. This will explain the 3 minutes difference.  We will try to correct the results but might take some time since we have to inquire from known finishers for their time to be used as select time. We will use your time as one of the select time. 

Thank you very much for your keen observation. 


Rudy B. 

* * *

Peace on earth and I even put in a good run, everything is alright now? Well, not in my world.

First, I really do hope that they get to fix the times. The race was a time trial for 01.10.10. Time is the key word. Mizuno and MrB need to exert effort to fix the 2009 finish times. Can it be fixed, tanungin na lang natin si Batman?

Second, since Mizuno has positioned their brand name to races that challenge runners to beat their time, it follows that they now have the responsibility to make sure that they record our time accurately. Otherwise, aba eh lokohan na yan. In baseball, 3 strikes and you’re out. It’s a good thing the same rule doesn’t apply to running.

Maybe 01.10.10 is the perfect time to bring in timing chips? 

How will this affect our race reg fee … I don’t know. We will have to wait and see.

Lastly, I challenge Mizuno to continue contributing to the running boom in the Philippines by staging a race worthy of their brand name. C’mon Mizuno, Just Do It errr Impossible is Nothing este NEVER SETTLE! 

See you on 01.10.10! 

Update 09Jun2009 10:50am:

Hi Bernadette, 

Thank you for your kind understanding. I have just finished aligning your time together with others who were kind enough to share their true and correct time. As a result, most of the times that were off by at 3 minutes
have now been aligned. Since the alignment was done by extrapolation base on some good select times, some times would still be off by a few seconds. 
If you have some friends who ran the 15K and were able to record their time, I would appreciate it very much if you can email their times to so that I can make a further review. Meanwhile, I am sending the updated 15K results to Mizuno for their web site update and a copy for you as well.
Rudy B.

13 thoughts on “Mizuno Infinity Run 2009: Time Trial on Trial

  1. Hi Bards. Congratulations on the 15K. I’m wondering myself if they shouldn’t go to chip timing sooner. Rudy is a good race organizer but the fields for the races are getting larger and larger. Hopefully, the Mizuno race in January won’t have this problem.

    Take care and keep on running. You’re doing well! – Wayne

    ey Wayne. i do hope that the Technicals of their January race improves. love their shoes but they dont deliver very well on the races they sponsor. tsk tsk tsk.

  2. nice post & run, bards. hopefully, in the future, somebody will have the initiative to introduce the Chronotrak D-strap as the runner’s timing chip in the Philippines so that we’ll not have any problems with our finish times! see you soon!

    Thanks BR. I heard something about a race in July that will use Champion chip. I just wish that they have ironed out all the growing pains of this new technology by January. BR you have to show us your Jai Ho moves when you come back hehe See you sa Milo sir.

  3. Good morning, good afternoon, good night. K, in baseball shorthand.

    RFID chips! Let the runners pay extra. We always do at New Balance anyway along with hotel rooms, and it’s one of the best races in town.

    we are such a forgiving lot. nakakatatlo na pero i will still join the 4th one haha Mizuno’s tagline should be Hari ng Sablay. Maybe they should try Xtribe naman next year para Bingo na sila sa mga competent race organizers.

    Yes! Im so excited about the timing chips also. I hope they do start thinking about it.

  4. Sa dami ng runners ngayon who pile up at the finish line, a timing chip seems to be necessary to record more accurate finish times. I also had a 3min discrepancy. Nonetheless, it was a great race.

    it was a great race…medyo suspense lang ang happy ending nya. but its fixed. onwards to 01.10.10

  5. That’s why xty was insisting that she finished at 01h30m31s but her official result was 3mins++ behind, nagkaproblema pala. I believe TBR too, magkasunod kasi sila.

    Moreover, I have read a long time ago that rudy b already acquired timing chips from australia, bakit kaya di pa niya ginagamit? Siguro malapit na, nagkakaproblema na e.

    tama is Xty. tama na rin her time. Happiness all around. having timing chips is really a natural progression na. esp if they are looking at holding international marathons. we gotta level up.

  6. Congrats!

    Do you have bionic eyes (to read between the times)?! Sabagay, 3 minutes din yun…

    Bawi ka na lang sa Saturday 😉

    hehe makulit lang sa detalye. hehe

  7. great run Bards, here’s to hoping for better races with a lot of improvement in timing accuracy … does this mean i can’t join the time trials on January 10 then?

    it was really a great run. will do another post about the race. you can join on jan 10 but that will be your time trial for 2011. so you wont be eligible pa for whatever prize they have in store for those who are able to beat their time… i think. but then again, you are set to win age category or something like that so no need to worry. hehe

  8. as an observation, the inaccuracy of finish times occurred from the 180th runner onwards because of the time gap between 179th to 180th runner which is 3 minutes and 20 seconds.

  9. Way to go Bards! Very good observation. 3min is a big time for runners trying to break PRs. Congrats for a great run!

    thanks broJ. its is a big thing. its 500m in my world. see you and baby soon!

  10. hi there! your valiant efforts are very much appreciated. it was my first 15k run so it was important for me to set a good time. those “three minutes” meant me reaching my objective, albeit with only seconds to spare. hahaha! thanks again! 🙂

    it was a key race and can truly be very frustration ay frustrating pala. my hats off to the organiser for figuring out how to fix it and taking time to do so with grace.

    Congratulations on hitting your goal time!!! On the flipside, we now have to start working harder to really beat our time on 01.10.10. hehe

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