Taping and Running: Mummified

When I started increasing my mileage, from 30-40kms per week to average of 60kms per week, I entered a new level of pain.  This led to adding new stretches to fix my tight peroneus longus. After fixing my peskyPRs, my arches started complaining. 

Somehow tight PRs cause tight calves that cause tight arches. Tight arches can lead to  plantar fasciitis. 


I never had the sharp pain that would indicate injury. Just dull aches and tightness that lingers. My first line of defense was to buy new trainers. The Rider had 400kms++ already, I suspected that the cushioning was beginning to give. I replaced them with Precision9. I figured getting a shoe suited for my high arches would help. I also got tennis balls and would use them to massage my soles.

The tightness stayed. Very annoying. Threat level : Slightly Orange.

Then when I was browsing some Bataan102 photos, I saw that Des and Kevin taped their feet before running the Ultramarathon. This got me thinking, browsing and pestering people with questions.


Bataan102 ready
Bataan102 ready

Coolrunning had an article that says, “An arch support strapping helps provide a needed lift for your arch and can reverse the symptoms of plantar fasciitisheel spursflat feet and sometimes shin splints. ”

I’ve seen some runners with taped knees, calves etc. The taping looked very intricate. I needed something simpler and cheaper. 

Luckily, I was able to chat with GabbyTheCoach. I asked if his players tape their feet. He said that his basketball players use taping specially to prevent sprains. I asked if he knows how to tape arches so that mine won’t collapse when I run. He said that all I had to do was to put an anchor tape from just below my big toe wrap it around towards the back and finish just below the pinkie. Then working from just below the heel, lay tape crosswise on my sole. Taping starts from the outside of the foot to the arches. Work your way up until you reach the ball of the foot. Secure the tape by repeating the first step.

Ahh, there is hope for the flowers … and my arches.

A quick google search led me to several sites.

1. Plantar Fasciitis Taping – This is very similar to what I do but minus the crisscrossing tape coz it becomes too snug near my achilles tendon

2. Taping and Bracing Techniques – Mueller tape website with video demonstration

3. Kinesio Taping Method – Nice. I will try this style also.

4. More on taping

5. and here is an article about a guy who used duct tape

I  don’t use duct tape but taping works for me also. I use the LP support tape from Toby’s. One roll of LP is Php220sumthing. When I started taping my feet the tightness was gradually lessened. It works for me. But since I haven’t consulted a doctor yet, I only tape my feet when I do my long runs and during races. So far its working but I don’t want to be dependent on it. I really need to ask a doctor if this won’t weaken my muscles and lead to injury.

Taping can also help prevent blisters. Here are some friends and their mummified little piggies.


14 thoughts on “Taping and Running: Mummified

  1. Hmm, mine looked like the pic at bottom right at TNF. I mummified them with Leukoplast. Although the bandages peeled off after two river crossings, I did avoid blisters, though I could not prevent toenail death 😦

  2. oh sheesh, all for the love of running!! 🙂

    I’m working on my 5k stride, lose weight and run with the wind – someday,i’ll get myself taped too! hahahaha

  3. Hardcore solutions for the hardcore runner. I bought Tiffin the Plantar Fascitiis brace and she uses it at night. She says it reduces the pain in the morning.

    I’ve dropped down to 50k per week mileage and it seems to keep the plantar away.

    Regards Mark

  4. “Kapag ayaw may dahilan…Kapag gusto may paraan, “… works for you! Gusto mo tumakbo eh, di ba? Keep on running! See you at the race!

  5. I suggest using an arch support together with taping on race day for preventing blisters.

    Plantar facitis taping is very easy. its one of the taping methods that one can do by your own. next time, sample =)

  6. Bards, I’ve been lucky never to have to tape my feet. However, once I had to go to an over-the-counter arch support called Superfeet to get over Plantar Facitis. It took about 10 days and never had the issue again.

    However, taping does work.

  7. delayed reaction folks, been running and studying these past few days.

    cecil – apart from wearing shoes with a roomy toebox, i really havent read up on ways to prevent death of a toenail <— hmmm nice title for a running book.

    BR – hehe parang nga.

    Kassy – ya, us runners, crazy lot.

    MiSH – expensive yung pink tape, the price is x3 ng LP.

    MarcoParco – when I was writing this blog, it dawned on me how badly im hooked to running.

    BroJ – haha guilty!

    Lester – no more na sample. galing ng models ko eh. hehe

    Wayne – i have a friend who uses a similar arch support but im a bit wary that it will change my foot type further. luckily, taping still works for me.

  8. I came across your site when googling info on PF taping while continuing to run. This is my first experience with Pf and I’m hoping taping, heat and stretching are going to fix it before I really injure myself. Thanks for the info.

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