Shorter Leg Syndrome

The wear pattern of my shoes tells the story. I’m a heel striker. I land on the outside of my feet. One shoe is more worn down than the other likely due to the difference in leg length.

Ever since I was a kid, I would periodically experience tightness on my lower back and sometimes nagging knee pains. When I’m really tired, I would have a pronounced limp.

This is caused by a shorter left leg. I think my left leg is about 1cm shorter than the right one.

I’ve never worried about it. It is usually fixed by a pull and a pop. Once a year or sometimes twice, my mom would take me to Nasugbu to Kuya Cleto (her cousin nth times removed). He was better known as “Lagutok” (Bonesetter).

He would ask me to lie face down. Then his assistant will pull my left leg while realigns something in my lower back. The session lasts for about a minute. Waiting in line for your turn is actually longer. After the pull&pop, the tightness would be gone. And yes, my legs would be even.

I’m really glad that the bonesetting tradition has been passed down to the younger generations of Kuya Cleto’s family.

Now that I’m running, I do not wait for the pain or discomfort. When I do my leg drains, I also check if my legs are still even. If they are uneven, I go visit Ferdie in Evangelista or Kuya Danny in Nasugbu.


I finally got around reading up on related lit regarding my shorter left leg. Turns out I have what is called The Short-Leg Syndrome. Now I need to figure out if I have the Anatomical or Functional Short Leg. I’m afraid it’s the latter.

Functional Short Leg Syndrome is acquired through repeated bad habits such as poor posture, slouching in chairs (Guilty!), crossing legs while sitting(Guilty!), standing with all your weight on one leg (Guilty!), always running on the same side of a beveled roads or insufficient stretching. Another article said that 3 out of 5 people have a functional short leg syndrome. Click here to read the article.

Oh and while researching about this syndrome, I found out I now have something in common with Becks.

PS. Getting my leg pulled&popped works for me . My mom, 2 brothers and myself swear by it. My dad and other 2 brothers thinks that its just a sham and makes fun of us. 🙂

UPDATE 13 April 2016 : if you are a lagutok regular or you want to give this a try, here are the contact numbers for Kuya Danny : 0926 626 6936 or 0919 505 4068.

Update 31 Aug 2016 : Turns out Ferdie’s neighbors gave his patients the wrong info. He did not migrate. He is still in Manila. Yehey!

If you want to visit here are the details:

Schedule: Tuesday to Friday:.10am to 8pm

Address: 3693 Sun Valley Drive,  Sun Valley, Parañaque ( in front of Sacred Heart School)

Telephone : (0917) 932 4955

43 thoughts on “Shorter Leg Syndrome

  1. This is interesting, Bards. We’re eerily similar! I too have worn-out soles on one side, I slouch, I cross my legs, I stand with weight on one leg. Thanks for this info! It’s really interesting!

  2. Thanks for the very, very interesting log! I noticed that one of my legs is shorter as early as when I started wearing long pants when I saw that the right leg of my pants had a “break” but the other didn’t. I thought it was normal! I never noticed any significant difference in my running shoes though. Thanks to your post, I am considering of having my legs checked just to be on the safe side. I hope it will happen soon 🙂

  3. Cecil – thanks! Uy, Goodluck sa TNF100. sana sakto 100. Ano baon mo? Mahaba-haba yan.

    Rod – My friend Xtn told me about Ferdie. He is at 4348B Gen Tinio St., Evangelista. Tel 751 8116. I usually go to Kuya Danny in Nasugbu but its convenient to have a go to person in Makati.

    Ganns – before i started writing about this, I didn’t even realise it has a name. aliw di ba.

    elkyoshi – related lit says that 1 cm is about normal naman. sometimes its just the way we stand or favor one leg.

  4. Great info Bards. Despite the shorter leg syndrome, you still never get injured. Ano ba secret mo? haha

    ey jaymie! hehe side effect yata ng slow runners ang pagiging injury free. hehe

  5. Bard – Mang Cleto reset my shoulder blades when I was young. We went to his house in Evangelista. I am told that the original is still better but his kids are okay.

    My parents would go all the way to Nasugbu to see him.

    amazing yung when they reset the shoulder blades di ba, nagiging flat yung back. hehe true, the grandkid and kid of the grandkid is nothing like the original. the one in nasugbu comes closer to the original

  6. Hi Bards, I am part of the shorter leg club too. Hehe. I don’t know the difference in length, but a machine told me once that 51% of my weight is placed on my shorter left leg – that’s about 2 lbs extra on my left. But I love my unique legs just the same 🙂

    im in good company pala. 🙂

  7. I dont normally run against the traffic and maybe because of this I am having an injury similar to those experienced by runners with short leg syndrome. This post is a life saver!!!! I am now changing my route and hopefully my slight injury will go away. Super thanks sa info. 🙂

    and what an interesting post of realization. There really is nothing like having to meet more about yourself, your body and getting along with thyself.

    I miss you bards!! 🙂

    kass – i heard that the new runnr store at BHS will have newtons daw. so when are we running 5K? hehe kulit ko

  9. magkanu an bayad k dr. lagutok ng nasugbu?

    wala kasing set na price si Kuya Danny so usually depended na lang sa yo ang iaabot mo. Dahil ramdam ko talaga yung effect niya for me i usually give anything between 300-500. pero di sya nagtuturing.

    Dito sa Manila, yung si Ferdie Php100 ang singil.

  10. I used to go to Bangkal, Makati during the early 1980’s to see Mang Cleto and he always realigned my shoulder blades. I guess it was dislocated or something when I was practicing Judo as my P.E. When he passed away, his son took over, I forgot his name but I believe he’s the father of Ferdie. I’ve also seen Ferdie in the early 2000’s. Just had a car accident and my neck is killing me, probably whiplash and my neck gets tired (nangangawit) easily after about an hour and had to lied down and give it a rest coz otherwise, the pain is unbearable. Perhaps I need to go to the PI and have Ferdie look at it. I’m glad I found this site and Ferdie’s address and contact number. Thanks!

  11. Good day! Sir can I possibly get the exact address at evangelista, nung sinasabi mong ferdie na descendant ni Mang Cleto? i remember naging patient din ako niMang cleto and I’m glad to hear na naipasa nya sa kanyang mga apo yung “Lagutok”

    Please and thank you in advance. You can also send me an sms at 09393136936

      1. yeah, i checked the number. its not working nga. but i was there a couple of months ago lang. it’s their house naman. best sched i think is tue to Friday. I think he goes home to Batangas sa weekends.

  12. Yeah, I have the same shorter left leg syndrome too. I noticed it when I was in high school but it was not so obvious. My left leg gets shorter nowadays which I can feel it when I walk. Thanks for the post! I did the same thing by pulling my left leg and it really works!! I could feel the difference when I walk after pulling my left leg!! So I am pulling my left leg now everyday! I was so worried before! thanks for the post! 🙂

    1. hi bunny, good for you. and if you have a chiro or a bonesetter in your area, i would still highly recommend that you go for a visit. they do it so well and relief is almost instant.

  13. If i have known this Dr. Lagutok earlier while i was in Manila a month ago……definitely going to go there personally and try his leg pulling session….nothing to lose consider the pain i am going through everyday….used to walk about 1 and half hour on weekdays but now it’s down to 5 minutes then rest for the same amount of time kc the pain is unbearable. Thanks 4 info……..Caloy C.(Toronto).

    1. Do give him a try when you come for a visit again. Or try other chiro rin in your area. The adjustment he makes for me is in my lumbar area. Hope you get back to your walking soon.

      1. Hi bards I know Kuya ferdie when I had back pain injury after playing basketball way back 2008 dyan sa pilipinas. I went to him he just pulled up my leg just last about 2 minutes then after that napa galing niya back pain ko. I just want to know Kung the one you post na address ni Kuya ferdie nandun Parin pa BA siya sa evangelista. Kasi I feel back pain ulet alam ko Maari niya ako matulungan. Thanks sa post mo bards. I’m rey pala..

      2. Not sure kung saan sya ng 2008, but the address is for the red apartment.

        Here’s the address again : 4348B Gen Tinio St., Evangelista, Makati City

  14. Ok thank you bards kasi I want to visit again Kuya ferdie. Anyway do u have any contact number niya or nandun pa kaya dyan sa address binigay u. Oo yan yung address na pinuntahan ko way back 2008 sa evangelista sabi ng dad ko barangay Bangkal daw yan in evangelista makati. Thank you for sharing the info bards this helps a lot people suffering from back injury or any bone injury Kuya ferdie is one of a kind na in my own opinion ko gifted sila mag pang galing ng Tao.

      1. Ok bards thanks sa info ah. May contact number ba si Kuya ferdie ngayon. Thanks for giving me his address Im glad last July 2012 nag kita pa kyo. Your such a big help bards lalo tong blog u. Kilala ko din Kuya ferdie at masasabi he’s a great man Nakaka tulong siya sa mga Tao.

    1. He moved to Dallas St., sa bangkal as well. Sorry, i dont have his new number. He is quite well known in the area and people will point out his new apartment. Will update this post when I visit him again.

      1. Hello bards! Nice to read about you and mang cleto makes me remember my childhood. I’m not sure if this is the same old mang cleto that passed away a long time ago. He used to treat our backs and my mom’ short leg. My mom is looking for the son of mang cleto in nasugbu but we don’t know the exact address. She have a frozen shoulder. She want’s to try if the bone setter can fix it. Can you kindly send the address of mang Danny in nasugbu. Thank you!

      2. Hi Brenda, i dont know the address. I just know how to get there and it’s very easy. It’s near lang the old house.

        So if you are at the national road, you know where the sugar central is… just keep going straight towards nasugbu. Before you hit the T intersection slow down na. Kuya Danny’s house is on the right corner across from the gas station. They have sari-sari store sa front ng house. Good luck with your mom’s shoulder.

  15. Hi Bards, thanks so much for your help. I will suggest to mom maybe she can go to ferdie if she can’t travel far yet. At least I now have direction for her in nasugbu. Thanks again.

    1. Hi Bards! Thanks for your post! We just saw Ferdie! Here’s his new address and contact no. 2057 Dallas St. Evangelista Makati 0917-9324955

    2. Hi Bards! We were able to go to Ferdie. He is super galing! He fixed my Moms frozen shoulder and my swollen wrist. Unfortunately, he’s out of the country na. I feel so sad.
      I have a neighbor with a swollen wrist went in Dallas St. That’s how we found out.
      Have you visited Mang Danny lately? Is he still there? Does he accept weekend patients. Tita Zeny our neighbor have swollen wrist and she want to visit Kuya Danny. But it’s a long travel for her. So I want to make sure if Kuya Danny is still there. Thank you!

      1. Hi Brenda! Super sad nga na wala na sya and I also found it the hard way na wala na si Ferdie. Went there a couple of weeks ago.

        Si Kuya Danny andun pa. Same place went there last Saturday but best to call kasi he is busy campaigning. I will update Post with is numbers.

  16. Ferdie’s (Ferdi Perez) contact number is 0917-9324955 ..please contact him for appointment. Wrong info that he was out of the country. Its his brother who went abroad. He just transfered to another location. Please do contact him for appointment.

  17. Ferdie’s contact number is 0917-9324955. Wrong info that Ferdie is out of the country. Its his brother whi went abroad. He just transfered to another location. Please do call him at the above mentioned number for appointment. Thank you so much for the good and inspiring comments about my brother.

      1. Tnx Bards! A patient of Ferdie showed ur blog to him this morning. He told me to register here and update you. Tnx so much!

      2. His permanent address will be turned over this coming Aug 15. We will post here soon. Please call him for the details of his on going schedule. He is waiting for all your calls. Thank you very much.

  18. he’s no longer in makati… called him last friday and got this sms…
    “Tuesday to friday 10am to 8pm….3693 sun valley drive sun valley paranaque city ( infront of scared heart school sun valley)”

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