Botak 42: Phantom Runner X64

A lot has been said about Botak. I will not even begin to calculate why we have a 20sec time difference when she was just half a step behind me. She wasn’t even racing … so this is just me trying to make things right in my world.



4 thoughts on “Botak 42: Phantom Runner X64

  1. you’re truly an inspiration bards! i really couldnt expound more on how much you’ve transformed yourself – HEalth wise, physique and the adrenaline rush!

    I will lose weight the way you have conquered and will definitely work up on achieving marathons sometime someday!

    but I’ve got to FINALLY go to a 5k. I have been flaking out and im so saddened for having to disappoint you. Bumabawi ako ngayon, i swear.

    1. Kass – Do it on your own pace. Keep on trying. I’m really glad you’ve started again.

      And the offer stands, to quote Sharon, “Kung saan, kailan, at sa paanong paraan. magpasabi ka lang” at i-pace kita. Pero hehe I think I have to train up also, if Im to keep up with your 5K goal pace.

  2. maybe results would be correct if there was a name, age and gender to x64?

    true true. time to move on. TNF na!!!

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