the day after the marathon

Haha! There are days when I walk like this after a long run.


10 thoughts on “the day after the marathon

  1. YES IM BACK!! and i owe a lot to you!!! 🙂 I’ve got to keep going and the plan you gave me is what I just did! 🙂

    every other day runs, yes? 2x then 3x ..


    Drag me! i want want want to race .. for finally!


    yey! kassy’s back! congratulations. you just need to keep going out and running.

    btw, there’s mizuno race on Jun7. that should be a fun 5K for you. just give a holler if you want ka-pace

  2. hahahaha…
    i have this video too. i experienced this after my first marathon in subic two years ago.
    i haven’t experience bloody nipple tho, but there was one time i had to hold my singlet away from my body/nipple because the friction hurt me so much. and it happen for the period of 1ok run… ouch…ouch… that was funny.

  3. hi bananarunner,

    i’m a new runner and blogger. you have a nice blog so i’ve added a link to your blog in my blog (that’s a lot of blog in one sentence)

    i learned the nipple phenomenon only recently. they’re caused by rough singlets! i can name two that hurt me – PSE Bull Run and Takbo sa Kalikasan. man, they’re rough!

    the serious runner

    hi serious runner, welcome to running and blogging. Haha! I have a few friends who suffered the same fate, different singlet. Try using petroleum jelly or body glide next time. I wish I can stay that its the worse thing that could happen to you … Keep on running!

  4. Bards, the video reminds me of my first marathon. I was sore and stiff for three days afterwards. Take care.

    Hi Wayne, good to see you here again! Ah… the things we endure for running eh. hehe

  5. lester – nakakatalon pa! naghiphop class pa nga ako kanina. di nga lang makatakbo ng mabuti. hehe

    Xtn – Ah! The possibilities are endless. hehe choose ka ng “long run” meron sa June or July na?

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