Do you wear the singlets from road races?

Roadraces are becoming expensive these days.

Last year, race reg can be as cheap as Php150. Now, the standard seems to be Php300.

You would think that with the increasing number of road races and companies advertising at fun runs, the price would go down. But then again, the races are getting flashier and fancier i.e. finisher’s medal, program, singlet, schwags etc.

Just a thought, I wonder if it is possible to have an option of not getting a race singlet to have reduced reg fee.



24 thoughts on “Do you wear the singlets from road races?

  1. Most are ugly and ill-fitting anyway, so I usually end up giving them away. The only ones I have retained are my two New Balance Clark 25K singlets.

    me, i use lang for running the SG Marathon and Adidas 2008 KOTR singlet plus although di naman sya race singlet pala. you are the right, the rest are ugly, ill-fitting and material cause chafing.

  2. I don’t wear them(unless required), but I do keep them as souvenirs. I don’t think that getting rid of singlets or medals would be the best solution to the rising reg fee problem, since a lot of people keep them as mementos. They may not matter much for “serial racers”, but for those who only race occasionally or very rarely they are important. I think that the problem with the reg fees is that the organizers sometimes get “too greedy” with their fund raising.

    hehe serial racer *guilty* im actually planning to start asking for bigger sizes of singlets so I can give them away

  3. Please, no singlet in all my running life has EVER looked good on me. Yech!

    I am so with you on the whole ‘forget the singlet and lower the cost’ philosophy. Some of us would like to just… RUN. And for a cause, too. Like Wilson said, if fundraisers get greedy, less people get to join, and you don’t get the impressive numbers that always make a race look good.

    true. organisers have to find the right balance of race reg fee that will draw the most profitable number of runners and how much they want to raise for their charities

  4. i only keep finisher’s t-shirt/singlet for full marathons & the rest are donated. the registration fee should cover the race bib, race certificate, finisher’s t-shirt, water, rent for timing device, permit & payment for marshals. P150-200 registration fee for a 10K is acceptable.

    agree with the 150-200 range. longer races will understandably cost more. varying rates for early bird and normal reg period is also another excellent scheme.

    there are special races that everybody will want to join like NB, Condura and Adidas and of course they can demand a higher reg fee because they have created a reputation of staging fabulous races.

  5. right-i am quite picky with a race singlet, i only retain with me those that wear right, fit right, feel good and light, and most of all must look good on me =)

    so-yes, i am all for having the singlet as an option on races in exchange for lower reg fees.

    i chafe badly so I have to be picky din. actually, I wish that organisers will actually come out with higher quality singlets that we runners will actually WANT.

    Fabric, Cut, Fit, Design and Print are important elements of a quality singlet. Libre mangarap.

  6. Right! so that everybody could join handily, every people from all walks of life loves running and this should be a priority. I could still see thousands of runners at upd on sundays eventhough there’s an ongoing race, dun pa lang makikita na. One of the reasons too that’s why I shy away from races nowadays. “Ibaba ang reg fee, itaas ang PR!”

    hehe i always say that when im out on my runs, semi dehydrated, i get crazy thoughts. just sharing one of my dehydrated thoughts.

  7. yeah, agree too. Thou some singlets are nice and some are not. But having an option of getting them or not will increase runners that register per race.

    fat fingers having a problem answering comments … but i think i got comment matched up now.

    Shiny … it is just fair for us to be able to choose whether we want to pay for something, right. Cheaper will hopefully attract more runners and keep them coming back for more.

  8. My main complaint is on the cut. The singlets given out in the races organised by Run Rio and TNF I think try to be all things for all people and suffer as a result. Generally they are designed for shorter female torsos or for pandak (ha ha) males, with high cuts at the neck and below the arms, presumably to cover more body parts. We do not really need two-inch wide shoulder straps do we?

    Hey, guys, what’s wrong with flashing more skin? Especially as these are superbly toned bods ha ha

    1. i remember your blog entry about the singlet na bitin ๐Ÿ˜›

      and male runners with toned bods flashing skin … hehe why not, bring it on!

  9. i never wore event singlets on race day. they are uncomfortable, the materials used dont have the same moisture-wicking properties of the branded ones. design comes secondary only. i do wear them though on my weekday 10am to 3pm runs. it raises the level of difficulty of my heat-conditioning, water-deprived runs.

  10. it depends on the singlet. if it looks good and comfortable, i will wear it. i dont have running singlet at the moment, i joined 2 races pa lang, condura and slimmerun. no singlet given.

    oh so exciting then you have to look forward to your first singlet. running “firsts” are always great.

  11. Hi, you have a very nice and interesting blog. It’s my first time to read your entries. And a very interesting survey about singlets.

    I do use some of them. I think that there are many good singlets that one can use over and over again. I like the singlets from races organized by Rio and from Adidas. Somehow, it fits perfectly for me.

    For singlets that I don’t use, my main reason for this is that some of the singlets shrink after washing. Some also fade easily.

    Happy Running!

    thanks for dropping by ๐Ÿ˜›

  12. yes I like to wear a singlet on the race

    i wore the milo one for a 10K and my friend complained kasi she couldnt find me when she was trying to take my pics hehe

  13. Hi Bards,

    Yes, I wear singlets from races; not necessarily on race day (unless it’s required) though. I wear them during practice runs, basketball games, sleeping, etc.

    Regarding your thought, I think the options should be: (1) Registration with singlet and (2) Registration only (with reduced fee)

    Here’s a dream scenario:

    a well thought of, attended and organized & managed race; held in an”out-of-town” but very accessible (commuter-friendly), non- (or less-) polluted location with a paved, challenging but non-confusing route

    the race would support a cause, serving an absurdly large number of people; registration fee would be kept to a minimum (because of sponsor/s) and would all be donated to the cause

    there would be sponsor/s for the (high quality/branded, different cuts for male/female runners) singlet; a different sponsor for the medals, program, schwags (but not the potent kind, right?) and raffle prizes

    also, to encourage bigger registration, early bird, quantity and Senior Citizen discounts will be offered with an additional incentive for the largest delegation

    i think you just described a revised FrankenRace (thats what i call my dream race) … plenty of water and portalets na lang, game na!

  14. i must say that bing greedy is natural among human beings.
    if we join races for organizer’s “run for a cause” i suggest that we runners should not run races for “runner’s cause”. we must join hands so that our voices shall be heard. we join races to push ourselves to the limit of our capacity, kung nasasamantala na tayo dahil dito dapat kumilos tayo.
    2 sundays na kami nasa UP ng family ko sa tingin ko napakaganda ng UP para sa ating gustong tumakbo, tig 5 laps ang tinakbo namin ng kapatid ko.

    UP is a great place to run talaga, sa UP acad oval dami tao, dami pa taho. we tried the inner roads oki din.

    on some races … sa akin naman choice pa rin natin in the end if we join or not … babayad or hindi.

  15. Yeah, i wear them at the gym and the most ill fitting one happens to be my most treasured: an over sized NB Power Race singlet I got from my first race.

    Para lang akong maglalaro ng Basketball pag suot ko sya. Or sasayaw ng hip hop. ๐Ÿ˜›

    NB 2007 was our first major race. we were so excited and we wanted to wear the singlet. nice material sya. unfortunately, if yours looked like sasayaw ka ng hiphop kami mukhang naka-duster ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. I never wear singlets during races. But I do use them quite a lot during training. However, I do agree with most of the comments that cost should be anwhere from 150-200 for 10k.

    The Running Ninja

    hi sam, thanks for dropping by. hopefully, we get to send the runners’ message across. reasonable reg fee and marked improvement in race singlets.

  17. i’ve only used two… the mizuno shirt and a adidas singlet… i put the rest in a small balikbayan bag. ok syang souvenir… special since majority of the are small, ill-fitting, use bad textiles, or just plain ugly.

    so far i’ve managed to fill-up one bag, and now i’m on my second. hehe. ๐Ÿ™‚

    yung mizuno i use when i run sa C5. if you want to dispose of them, i think BR accepts din donation of finisher shirts

  18. i’ve been observing about this too. thank you bards, for bringing this up. nowadays, running has become more commercial. running is a business. registration fee is getting expensive this year. i’m not addressing this to run-for-a-cause…

  19. Hi All,

    Most don’t look good, super daming sponsors and the fabric looks cheap. Talo pa yung shorts ni Pacman sa dami ng branding hehe.
    With Facebook around you don’t want people tagging you wearing them.

    I only keep the singlets from King of the Road, New Balance and syempre GIGRUN. (love your own hehe). The rest I give to Lawin aka Zorro ๐Ÿ™‚

    June 28,2009

  20. Just an idea, why dont we pool these singlets and donate to people who actually use them?

    Sayang e, we can send to Sir Jovie, para pair na yung shoes and singlet.

    Pede rin yan. For those interested, if you dont get to catch BR at his booth at races. TmBR is at Ultra Tuesday, Wednesday and Fridays 530 to 8pm and Saturdays at around 7am (i think) for those who wants to donate shirts. and yes, TmBR accepts finisher shirts also. BR distributes them to GK communities.

  21. I never wear race singlets or the free shirts given to me on race day or night. I always wear a shirt that always makes me comfortable whenever I run a race. I may wear them when I train or when I spin, but never on race day.

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