Alabang Sun Fest Fun Run: My kinda race

sunfest It was sunny. It was festive. It was fun.  And we all had a good run. This was a great way to start the weekend.

I’ve completed my long run for the week so joining a Saturday fun run sounded like a good idea. I didn’t have a plan for this race.

I’ve only tried the Alabang route twice . I was glad that at the start sirIpe (aka Kinderdorf) gave me a snapshot of the route. He said that Country Drive will go up for 200m, Taysan will be uphill too. I started thinking, Ohno! Uphill?!? Please say flat or downhill.

Mesh, Kathy, Vince, Essie and I will be doing the 10K. Sickbay girls Chay and Vicky registered for 5K with Jay. Ting and Kristine opted to just do an easy lazy run.


T2++ at the starting line. Thanks BR for the pix.

This race had all the elements of a good race. Scaled down but really well organised. Congratulations! The race started immediately after the brief intro from the organisers and the prayer led Craig of Team Logan.

10K runners started first and the search for the downhills began. I knew the route will be hilly so even at the start I was just thinking that I will run in search of the downhills. My goodness, no wonder TBR, Mark and Patrick are all strong runners. If this is their training ground,  the 10K route to Heritage C5 is nothing to them.

After 4kms, my race bib (kasi paper only) started falling off. No biggie, this is just a village fun run so I pocketed it and kept on running.

Throughout the race, I was able to maintain a sub6min/km pace. I was very pleased. I wasn’t expecting much given the looong run last Thursday. I finished the 9.2k race in 53sumthing and got a free banana at the finish line.

PlanB, joining races for my tempo run, is working. So next question, when do I race?

For a small village fun run, this race had a good number of participants. Even its share of elites, I saw the Sabals and a budding female junior elite who won the 10K. BR was also present but was just taking pictures. I also saw Alabang resi Patrick and MarK&Tiffin (Happy birthday Mark!!!), Boy from SlimmeRun, PaceMate Henry, Annalene and a lot of Newtons.

I’m beginning to like these small and simple races. They are cheap and turn out to be well organised.


T2++ at breakfast.


6 thoughts on “Alabang Sun Fest Fun Run: My kinda race

  1. I even missed this one.
    A simple village run.
    Enjoying the run and giving hope for the children.

    It’s so pleasant to the ears!

    Hi BananaRunning!

    ey ReVO it was really fun and for a good cause pa combined with the challenging route, the best! will try to find more races like this one.

  2. Bards – Thanks for the greeting. There is another race in the area this weekend. See you there.

    Training in Alabang is tough. I live in a low area so almost all my runs start uphill. It makes you stronger but you always have to watch for injuries which can only get worse when you run downhill.

    Small races are always better since it is nto as crowded and you sometimes have a chance to make it to the podium. (hehehehe)

    sayang, i read about this race nga sa blog ni sirIpe. will be in batangas for the weekend. have fun!

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