SlimmeRun: On pace tempo run

Some of us do secret training runs. *Aminin!*

Backstory: Not a secret run. For the sake of transparency, I emailed my T2 friends that I will join SlimmeRun to run a 16K tempo. I always have a problem with my tempo runs. I know I can sustain my tempo pace (just like today) but when I’m running on my own, I can’t seem to hit the pace. Ewan, I think my legs are lazy.

Being the master of PlanBs, I have decided that I will use weekend races as tempo training runs. This actually fits in to the whole scheme of things because I do my long runs on weekdays. Luckily, SlimmeRun was on this weekend and the distance was perfect for my program.

After, I sent off the email. Surprise, surprise, 2 baliws wanted to join me. By the time I got to SWI at Salcedo, 7 baliws will be doing the race with me. Woohoo! Come back race also for Chuchay so double woohoo!


*Photo grabbed from BR’s blog

TheRace: Ay bakit naman may aerobics pa. Woke up early and got to the venue on time. Then, they announced that the race will start at 6am after aerobics. Ngek!

It helped that I was mentally prepared not to expect too much from the organisers. I conditioned myself to just be happy if they have enough water.

After Bikini contest candidates finished dancing, the race started without much fanfare and we were off. The race route which goes out to 11th to 32nd and Rizal down Lawton down Heritage and back was familiar so I just concentrated on hitting my pace.

It was so hot, I started pouring water on my head to cool off after 1km. Keti and I ran together for 2kms and then she dropped pace. (Keti finished in 1:42, I’m so proud of ya!)

I ran alone and without iPod most of the race. Walang ka-pace. Apologies if you heard me singing really slow and cheesy songs during the race.

At km9, I saw ConstantCheerer/Heckler Glen, thanks for the push! Pride made me run just little faster to overtake Edd (the barefoot runner).  Oh, yeah Edd finished in 1:34. Ang galing!

Going down to Heritage, I saw Dingdong and he told me that he passed by the sprinklers to cool off. Oh, great idea. And so I ran a few meters near the sprinklers. After the race Mesh told us that the water was recycled from the creek. Ew.

At Heritage, I started counting the female runners coming from the turnaround. I knew Mesh was in the top 10 and I wanted to cue her on her place. No, we are not competitive. haha Mesh was 8th and maintained her position till the end. *dance of joy, with booty shake*

I also saw Xtin and I was thrilled that she was hitting a 7:30ish pace. Yes friends, I compute your pace even during races.

Last 1Km: Smokeyed again. Smokey! This has got to stop … or I just need to run faster. With one 1km to go, somebody started running really close to me. When I glanced to my left, it was T2 buddy Smokey. Oh no, he was going to overtake me again at the last km just like in Condura. And he did. I really tried but I just didn’t have enough power. Rematch na lang! 🙂

TheEnd. In the end, it was a relatively well organised race. Distance short, it was only 14.9Xsumthing. Well attended. Plenty of water. Lotsa stuff in the giveaway bag. The shirt didnt fit the boys but that’s okay. T2 all ran strong and a couple even set PRs. Mesh snagged 8th place. I hit my tempo pace and finished in 1:32. A great way to start the weekend.

I wish my gymwill take their cue from Slimmers World and organise a race for its members. Free rin sana for members!

Last Hirit. A good number of Fairview runners in their signature blue singlet joined the race. Man, they were all fast! Could it be the air or water out there? Maybe we should all move the Fairview.


10 thoughts on “SlimmeRun: On pace tempo run

  1. BR – i heard you burned rubber and zoomed away at greenfield. congrats *again*! we opted to do a bdayrun with mukhang guilty.

    charles – ang inet talaga. but hey, you looked really strong and still in good form kahapon when i saw you. they say naman that we have to adjust our pace depending on the temp talaga. til the next race!

  2. salamat sis for the update.i am just sooooooo happy to be on the road again after being a hamster for the last 5 days at 30 wee minutes/day.the whole week after 102 was spent eating and eating and eating…..mabuhay ka kapatid! psssssst t2.

    congrats, 1:49 lang ur time … haha a lot of runners can only dream of that finish time. yung psst T2 nakakatakot, kami hindi. hehehe

  3. Great run Bards, saw you doing your tempo during the last kilometer and realized while driving back along lawton that you really were ahead of a lot of runners. Yeeha 🙂

    im excited to see nga how i did. i just need to finish stronger … kahit na tempo run. para di maSmokey again.

    congrats sa PR!!!!! Robot!

  4. Bards!!!! Next time pag may gustong mag Smokey sa yo ulit ilabas mo isa mong paa at dapaain sya! Hehehe joke, but still, your perfomance just keeps on improving so congrats! Your training program (which I don’t think i’ll ever understand) seems to be working hee hee hee

    keti – haha great idea. Smokey you have been warned. (but since he probably doesn’t read this … tough) *cue evil laughter* re: my training program … i sometimes dont understand it too and why im doing half the things im doing. 😛

  5. Congrats Bards, running really fast! Di na ko pwedeng makasabay sa pace mo, hahaha. Congrats with T2 runners too!

    BroJ – opkors kaPace pa rin tayo. see you sa Ultra!

  6. bards,

    good run!!! kakainggit!! i have been doing my walk on water, este run in water for the past 2 weeks. how i miss the ground!!! promise to listen to my body na, promeeeez! dont want to be sidelined like this anymore!!

    hey! you are not even supposed to run in water di ba? tsk tsk tsk. take it easy and hope to see you on the road again. Oh! May red mango na sa Megamall!!!

  7. Bards!!!
    Checking my pace during a race!!!?? Haha!!
    Thanks coach! 🙂

    its 15kms, i ran out of things to think about. computing pace is fun. hehe congrats sa PR!

  8. Same as ting. Inggit din ako! Great to hear your running strong and fast. Congrats 🙂

    thanks tbr … haha pareho kayo ni Ting na atat na magrun, im sure. rest and wait for the perfect time to do your come back race. resting is way better than not running EVER!

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